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Stick’em Archery team walks through a weekend of Summer Food Plot preparation in South Carolina.  Team discusses some fundamentals to putting in your food plots to help set them up for greatest outcome.  These tips are from lessons learned, and experts who contribute to  The key is getting it right from the start and it can pay off big down the road.

Tecomate Lab Lab Plus Seed

Lime & Fertilizer based on Soil Sample

Spreading Tecomate Lab Lab Plus Seed

(Important to chose a seed that can do well in dry conditions, withstand early grazing, high in protien and do well in smaller food plot scenarios)

Spreading Lime & Fertilzer to raise PH and provide needed nutrients based on Soil Sample

Preparing Deer Fence to keep out of food plot for a few weeks.  Important especially for smaller food plots to allow seed to establish prior to heaving grazing.  Number of ways to do this, we chose P2 Deer Ribbon and Plot Saver Spray to keep deer out for first 2-4 weeks.

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