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Let us know how old you think this Buck is.  You will have an opportunity to comment and view what others have to say regarding this deer’s age.  The goal is to help you better learn some of the body characteristics of deer so you can let younger bucks walk or grow older if you are working on a QDM effort on your property.  Remember Kip Adams, Biologist from Quality Deer Management Association, will be providing his expertise at the end of the month based on what he sees from these pictures…….

This deer is from Wisconsin

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2 Responses to ““Age this Buck””
  1. Eric says:

    i feel that this deer is roughyl 3.5 years old, judging by the body, it doesnt have quite that totally filled out look of the 4-5 year old deer, but the base of the rack is quite large. im not sure, but id say 3.5 years

  2. admin says:

    “I don’t know the time of year this photo was taken, but judging by the lack of tarsal staining it’s likely pre-rut. That means this buck’s neck will swell as the rut approaches and give him an overall larger appearance. This buck has muscular shoulders, legs that are proportional or a little short for his body, and a stomach that’s nearly even with his chest. He also has full hindquarters and a very heavy rack. I generally cover the antlers when estimating age by body characteristics because there can be much overlap in antler size by middle-aged and mature bucks. Thus it’s easy for the antlers to bias your estimate so I only use them to “break a tie” between age classes. If this is in fact a pre-rut photo, this buck’s body characteristics suggest he’s a heavy-racked 4-year-old.” KIP ADAMS- QDMA Biologist

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