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There are a lot of quality tree stands on the market and we carry many of the on  We recently reviewed the Muddy Outdoors Stands and Climbing Sticks.  There were several things that stood out to use regarding the Muddy Outdoor Products..

Muddy Climbing Sticks

These sticks are only 2.5 lbs individually or 10 lbs. for a pack of (4). They easy nest together so you can easily attached them to a Muddy Stand and go into the woods.  No more of the loud, clanking sticks are difficult to carry into the woods.  They work and we have all used them but you do not have to deal with that issue anymore with these new sticks.

“When you take a look at our climbing stick we think you’ll agree with our statement “the best climbing system ever”. Our sticks are totally quiet and easily packable. The patent pending dual geared steps provide the sure footing you need…on both sides. And our revolutionary new rope cams are quiet, quick and light all while providing rock solid attachment to the tree.¬† Simply the fastest connection system ever.” Larry Kendall- Owner of Muddy Outdoors

Note: All sticks rated to 300lbs. User and gear must not exceed this weight limit.

Muddy Lock-On Stands

Muddy has several stands for 2010 that include the Hunter, Hunter Pro, and Outfitter Steel.  We review some of the specs for each of these stands:

We wanted to develop a stand that was safe, solid, comfortable, and easy to position. We have accomplished these goals and more with our Hunter Series.  What makes these stands unique.. Extra Thick Seat, Seat Leveling System, Platform Level System and the dual straps that make them extra secure in the tree.

Note: All stands rated to 300lbs. User and gear must not exceed this weight limit

Name Weight Platform
Hunter 10 lbs. 26 x 20
Hunter Pro 12.5 lbs. 34 x 24
Outfitter Steel 18 lbs. 34 x 24

When you compare these stands to many of the other stands on the market they seem to provide a bit more value.¬† They are competitively priced but have some unique selling features such as the comfortable seat, leveling system for seat and the platform leveling system.¬† These features have changed the game for stand hunting.¬† The seat and platform leveling system allow you to get in a tree that is “not perfectly” straight and still hunt safely.

In the past you would not think about taking a lock-on stand into the woods the night you were going to hunt a particular area.  We have always gone in prior to the hunt to set up the stand and sticks but of the bulk and noise we make.  Even with great care you still make some noise with the traditional sticks.  Now you can sneak in, find a tree, and set up with these new climbing sticks and light weight stands.  Many times the first time you hunt an area is your best opportunity to harvest that monster in that area.

You can purchase any of the Muddy Outdoor Stands and Climbing Sticks in our Online Archery Store by clicking here.

Watch these product review videos we do on the Muddy Outdoor Stands and Climbing Sticks

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