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Game Cameras may be one of the most effective resources we have as bowhunters to scout the woods.  Especially if you are hunting a mature dominant buck.  You can not be in the woods all the time looking due to a chance of educating that animal and not seeing him at all.  The use of quality digital game cameras has helped significantly.  The issue has been the ability to own several of them to spread out over the woods so you have “eyes” everywhere.  Now, Wildgame Innovations has brought several new digital game cameras to the market that are under around $100.  Not to say we will not use many of the other quality cameras on the market but this is a great step to help us spread some dollars.

Wildgame Innovations IR4 4.0 MP Digital Game Scouting Camera with Infrared Flash

Our ir4 camera features 64MB of on board memory, an infrared flash and a large programming screen. Can accommodate up to a 8GB SD card (Not included) to store images on. Take 30 second videos and still images. Uses 4 PCS. C-cell batteries (Not included).

LCD dispay features:

  • TIME
  • DATE

Wildgame Innovations S22 2.0MP Digital Game Scouting Camera with Strobe Flash

These 2.0MP camera feature 16MB on board memory, a powerful strobe flash-20 feet-and a large LCD programming screen. Accommodates up to a 2GB SD Card (not included) for photo storage. Takes still photos. USB Cable and Bungee Cords for mounting (included). Operates on 4Pcs.

Wildgame Innovations X6c 6.0 MP Digital Game Scouting Camera with Infrared Flash & REALTREE CAMO

The x6c features a 40 foot flash range, 64MB of on board memory and can accommodate up to a 8GB SD card. With its compact design and camouflage housing, the x6c will go virtually undetected and lend itself to being mounted almost anywhere. The x6c can take still images or 30 second video clips. Operates on 8 AA batteries (Not included)


  • External power port
  • Bungee cords
  • USBV cable
  • Driver
  • Instructional CD
  • Instructional booklet

Here are some pictures we took from the WGI IR 4 in Georgia…

If you would like to see any of these WGI Digital Game Cameras in our Online Store click the logo below.

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