Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw Review

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How many times have you been in the woods and set up in the perfect location.  You have everything just right but there is one branch or limb that is blocking your shot.  We have all faced this and probably tried to cut it with a saw where you were reaching out too far that could have resulted in a fall or injury.  The Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw allows you to safely reach and cut those branches making for clear shooting.

You’ll find that Hooyman Saws are great for:
• Hunting trips
• Quick set-ups
• Pack-in hunts
• Impromptu hunts
• Pre-season stand prep
• Keeping in you backpack
• Clearing over-growth since last season

The Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw is unique in that it is both a folding saw and an extendible saw. You can use your Hooyman just as you would any folding saw (you’ll notice that a Hooyman cuts even better) or add the extension and you’ll reach branches that you could never reach before. The two segments “nest” together for easy compact transport.

The revolutionary telescoping extension system is sturdy and adjustable. Hooyman’s exclusive positive locking design features individual sections that lock down individually, This gives you the ability to adjust length and assures the extension won’t flex or collapse.

Premium “MegaBite”™ blade cuts
better than any other folding saw.

Made of premium carbon steel, Hooyman’s MegaBite™ blade features a special four-edge tooth design which cuts better than any folding saw you’ve ever used.  The blade on the Hooyman locks back and easily folds down with the touch of a finger.

This saw comes in both a 5′ version and a 1o’ version to fit whatever your needs are.  This a a must have saw that all the Stick’em Archery Pro Staff uses in the field.


“Watch” this Gear Review on the Hooyman Tree Saw with Spook Spann and the Stickemarchery.com team.



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