Spring Turkey Hunting – GEAR HOT LIST “Part 1″

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Content Provided By: Brian Stephens, StickemArchery.com Pro Staff

One of the things that I get excited about are the new products that will be available for the upcoming season.  Spring Turkey Season is no different.  We are going to discuss some 2012 Turkey Hunting Gear.  There a number of products that have been on the market and some new ones that help us all in the field when chasing birds with our bows.  Let’s go through the “Stick’em Hot List”of Products for this Spring Turkey Hunting Season……You can find these Bowhunting Equipment products in our Online Archery Shop.

2011 Thermacell Re-Design

2011 Thermacell Mosquito Repellant

Just in time for turkey season, ThermaCELL is introducing a newly designed hand-held Appliance with many upgrades for the outdoor enthusiast. Taking into consideration customer feedback, ThermaCELL has redesigned the Appliance to be more user-friendly.

An ergonomically designed casing and matte finish ensure outdoorsmen will be able to hold the unit in comfort and stay concealed. The smoother functioning and quieter On/Off button will also be desirable to hunters who want to remain unnoticed in the field.

The Stick’em Archery team has been using this Thermacell for years.  I think we were using them before they got popular.  Bowhunting in  South Carolina and the Swamps of Florida you have to have something.  This is a must have product for early season bowhunting for spring turkey hunting no matter where you are.  With some of the new features we can not wait to see how it performs!

HS Strut Woody Turkey Decoy

HS Woody Jake Turkey Decoy

This Hunter Specialities HS Strut Delta Turkey Decoy has unreal features and would fool any wise ole Gobbler in the woods.  Seemingly submissive jake with a hen-stealing posture, Realistically sculpted body, Rigid polycarbonate for perfect shape, Hand-painted head and wing detail, Taxidermy-quality eyes and One-piece steel stake

The frisky flock of turkeys in the Hunter’s Specialties® H.S. Strut® Delta Turkey Decoys set feature hand-painted detail and taxidermy eyes that bring them to life! Hundreds of patient hours of observation by the HS pro staff translates into an astounding realism that you’ll have to see to believe.

Bobbin Tail Carry Lite Turkey Decoy

    • Photo-realistic printed body detail
    • Vividly colored head
    • Collapsible tail bobs and weaves with lifelike realism
    • Very lightweight for easy transport
    • Fast set-up design

With photo-realistic printed body detail, a vividly colored head, and a collapsible tail that bobs and weaves with lifelike realism, this gobbler doppelganger is a challenge in the making! Patented tail design moves freely and naturally in the wind—no string or work required! Very lightweight for easy transport; fast set-up design lets you stop moving, sit down, and start hunting quickly!


Primos Lil’ Hot Box

Primos Lil Hot Box

Mahogany box with custom laminate lid, Double-sided box, and Compact size.  Turn up the heat fast with this compact, double-sided box call. Its solid mahogany box and custom laminate lid combine for crisp, ultra-clear calls guaranteed to fire up that gobbler!  We have used this box call during the 2010 season and it works great for a quick compact call to get the job done on some Osceola’s down in Florida……

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