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By: Stick’em Archery Team

Let’s talk about some additional 2012 Spring Turkey Hunting Gear that you may want to have in your turkey vest or available for this upcoming Spring Turkey Season for 2011.  As you have heard me share, I am a gadget guy.  I like to have the latest and greatest or the old faithful tool with me.  Below are a list of new items for 2011 and some products that have tested the time in the Turkey Woods for years.  These products range from Broadheads to Decoys.….

Magnus Bullhead Turkey Hunting Broadhead - These types of broadheads are becoming more and more popular for bowhunters chasing long beards.  There is no question they are very effective.  I have not personally used them as I am more of traditional broadhead bowhunter. MAGNUS BULLHEAD 125GR TKY HEAD Those that have can validate their effectiveness.  Enjoy top flight performance from a turkey broadhead without cut-impeding straws. The three-blade Magnus BullHead broadheads sport wide cutting widths designed for deadly head and neck shots, eliminating the need for meat destroying chest shot. Strong .048” stainless steel blades provide all season accuracy and durability and provide great flight characteristics shot after shot without straws or plastic shields! Blades are replaceable and can be resharpened when needed. One set of replacement blades included in every pack. Check your local game laws before using this broadhead in your area. 100 grain broadhead sports 2-3/4” cutting diameter. 125 grain broadhead features 3-3/4” cutting diameter. Three pack.

NOTE: Due to the wide cutting diameter of the Bullhead, it must be used with arrows long enough to keep it in front of the bow’s riser shelf at full draw.


  • Wide cutting widths for clean deadly head and neck shots
  • No straws or plastic shields required for smooth flight
  • Strong .048” stainless steel blades
  • Replaceable blades can be resharpened
  • One set of replacement blades in every pack

GOBBLER GUILLOTINE 100GR 3PKGobbler Guillotine Turkey Hunting Broadhead - This Guillotine Turkey Broadhead is one of the more popular type of Turkey Broadheads for bowhunting Turkeys.  They are tough and are extremely sharp.  These Turkey Broadheads are made of Solid titanium blades fold together for easier positioning in a quiver, then lock perpendicular for a lethal 3″ x 3″ cutting width on turkeys and small game. Blades have a cutting surface on both sides and reverse for longer life.  If you are looking for a new way to harvest Turkeys with your Bow this upcoming Spring Turkey Season check out these Guillotine Broadheads.


The Guillotine Turkey Hunting Broadhead - Arrowdynamic Solutions Guillotine Fixed-Blade Broadheads are designed for head and neck shots with four fixed blades sporting lethal cutting widths. One of the benefits of these Guillotine Turkey Broadheads are they save meat. They will slap take the head off of the Turkey when shot properly.  These Guillotine Turkey Broadheads by Arrow Dynamics Features .035″ stainless steel blades. A 31″ carbon arrow with three 5″ helical feather fletchings is recommended for best flight with these broadheads. Work great with Guillotine carbon arrows. Check local game laws before using this broadhead in your area. 100 grain with 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″cut. 125 grain with 4″ x 4″ cut. 3 pack.

Adjustable Height Blind for Bowhunting Turkeys For those of you who like to bowhunt turkeys from the ground the Adjustable Height Blind is a good tool to help conceal you while drawing your bow.  There are a number of features to these blinds such as extendable poles from 25″ to 40″ in height.  They easily insert into the ground, have a 3-D whisper quiet fabric to minimize noise and are compact.   They are only 25 inches long when collapsed for easy trasport.  This particlar blind Height is 25-40 inches tall, 132 inches in width, and a weight of only 1.5lbs. If you want to get upclose and personal with that long beard this Spring you may want to try this or other types of ground blinds to get the job done.  Good luck!!

PRIMOS Double Bull introduces a Dark Horse Ground Blind for Turkey Hunting that leads the pack when it comes to ground blind innovation. The optimal wind resistance of the famously effective Double Bull T5™ has been combined with the infinite visibility options of the Matrix 360°™ to produce a ground blind that incorporates all of the best features of both its parents. A strong, yet lightweight hub-style frame is the support system and setup time can be measured in seconds. The rugged PRIMOS DOUBLE BULL DARK HORSE BLIND, weather-resistant camo cotton/polyester fabric wraps the entire blind in invisibility and won’t shine in the sun. The exciting new camo pattern, Ground Swat™, is a Pattern Masters™ concept design that blends into more hunting scenarios than any other single pattern on the market today. A black interior absorbs light, cuts down on shadows and minimizes game-spooking reflections from within. The window arrangement offers unmatched visibility so you’ll be able to see game approach from any direction. A huge 6’4″ diameter and 5’7″ center height make plenty of room for you and a hunting partner or friend with a video camera to catch the action. Shoot-through mesh on the windows adds to the concealment for archery hunters. There are also shooting ports for firearm hunters. Four wall tie downs and four stake rings secure the blind, even in gusty winds. Includes a carrying case with backpack straps.  PRIMOS DOUBLE BULL DARK HORSE BLIND is a great blind for the bowhunter!

New to the Pretty Boy® Series is Pretty Mama, a realistic feeding hen decoy. This decoy is sure to catch that tom’s attention and put him at ease, drawing him into your hunting site this Spring. The unique carving features a realistic paint scheme taken from a real-life hen. Plus, each decoy is hand painted to achieve detailed accuracy. To further ensure realism, Pretty Mama’s head is molded from a real freeze-dried turkey head. You can’t get more lifelike than this!

Like all Carry-Lite turkey decoys, Pretty Mama features a soft and pliable material for easy folding and transport. Set Pretty Mama up on the included stake and let the turkey hunting begin. Pretty Mama is just one of Carry-Lite’s realistic turkey hunting decoys. Includes decoy and one stake

The Cut and Run Hunting Blind is a two panel hub style ground hunting blind designed for rapid deployment. It has no roof so you can adjust it to whatever width you need out to 108″”. Each panel has five windows three at the top and two on the bottom so that you can sit in a chair (top windows) or on the ground ( bottom windows). The Rhino Cut and Run Blind gives you the option to open it up to a full 108” or make it as narrow as you like. Tie down stakes are included to prevent wind flap.


  • Light weight- only 7-pounds
  • Rapid deployment
  • Silent window system
  • Multiple configurations Max size is 108 x 54
  • Factory treated with UV blocker

Gerber Hunters Pruners with Sheath - Bowhunting Turkeys is a game of getting in the right place to get your shot off especially for the bowhunter.  If you are like me I like to bowhunt from the ground.  In order to ensure I have enough cover to draw my bow.  That could mean cutting branches for shooting lanes or to put around me to I have as much cover as possible.  A fast and easy way to do this is with a great pair of Pruning Shears.  These Gerber Shears are highly effective for this.  These Shears are Superior grade, lightweight shears. These Ratchet Cut Pruning Shears cut branches up to 3/4″ in diameter. Features fiberglass reinforced nylon handles, safety lock between grips. Black cordura pouch included.  Consider adding a pair of these or other Shears to your Turkey Hunting Vest this spring.

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