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There are many aspects of bowhunting that are really fun.  One of them is being able to hunt small tracts of land that may be holding a monster on it.  I have harvested a lot of qaulity bucks on small tracts of land and depending on the food source available you may be able to pull in a lot of other deer.  The property that I bowhunt in North Georgia is part of an old horse farm and connected to a state park.  Last year I hunted it and passed on a number of quality 2 and 3 year old bucks with outstanding potential.

This property has deer, cover, water but not any quality food source.  This year Sean and I decided to plant a 5 acre area with high quality food plot seed.  We planted Tecomate Lab Lab Plus and Deer Peas Plus as a summer plot that will be high in Protien and will be attractive for the first part of bow season when the peas start to pod out.  We decided to really take the time to do these plots the right way.


Below are some of the steps we have taken:

1. Obtained a Soil Sample and sent it to University of Georgia.  The results were pH of 5.2 with need for lime to raise our pH to above 6.0.

2. Created good bed foundation by disking, weed killing, and disking again

3. Added needed Lime and nutrients and disked into the plot bed

4. Added Tecomate Seed with Seeder to ensure we did not waste and got appropriate coverage

5. Raked the seed into the bed based on Seed Manuf. recommendations

6. Timed around the rain the best we could (luckily got rain within 5 days of planting)

Other steps that we will take:

1. Once the seed starts to come up we will use  Plot Saver System to keep the deer off until the plant has a chance to establish.  Once the plant has established then it can withstand heavy grazing by deer.

2. Apply some additional fertilizer to accelerate the growth


In late September and early October we will mow and prepare the bed again for November to January food source.  During that time we will plant a combination of clover, and rye that will be higher in carbohydrates to provide more energy for the deer herd.

Follow our progress to see how things turn out and we will provide pictures along the way of some of the deer that will be on our hit list.  We are excited that with this year round nutrition we will bring deer in from all around that will mean more bucks to watch.

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