2011 Broadhead Review-Part 1

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Content Provided By: Brian Stephens, StickemArchery.com Pro Staff

Bowhunting Boss here and we are taking a look at some of the new fixed blade Broadheads for 2011.  We do not hold back on several of these that we have tested.  Some have performed very well and others have been a big disappointment.  Your broadhead is a critical part of your bow hunting equipment set up.  You can have a super sweet bow and straight flying arrows but if your broadhead does not penetrate, cut and leave a quality blood trail you may become very frustrated.  I am not advocating for a certain company or brand of broadheads based on sponsorship.  YOU make the decision based on the information you obtain.  Take this information for whatever it is worth but our hope is to help you be more knowledgeable if buying any of these broadheads this bowhunting season.


Tru-Fire T1 for 2011 has a cool look to it and features the Spring Retention System (patent pending ) that removes the worry of loose blades.  The blades in the Tru-Fire T1 are placed into the blade slots on the broadhead ferrule.  The pressure from the unique spring forces the blades towards the tip.  This eliminates the blades from coming loose.  The tip on the the T1 is rock solid.  This broadhead provides an awesome 1.12 inch cutting diameter.  I like the look of this broadhead anticipate it will fly well and leave a rather nice exit wound. It seems to have all the things you would look for in a fixed blade broadhead such as penetration, cutting ability and solid fight.


The Carbon Express F-15 concept is solid with its  side by side cutting blades stating that it will create a 250% greater wound opening that other broadheads.  The only thing cool about this broadhead is the name.  We have tested this broadhead and hunted with it.  It flies well but leaves a less than desired wound.  I was not pleased at all with this broadhead and feel that it does not compare to many other fixed blade broadheads on the market today that fly just as well but provide a much better cutting diameter.  Be careful not to fall for the marketing.  Talk to people on this one because we have not found a great deal of pleased customers or bowhunters who have used the the F-15.


G5 Montec CS has been a tried and true broadhead for many bowhunters.  The new CS model in the 100 grain has been enhanced to provide 25% sharper  blades vs. the original model with its stainless steel design.  This is a really tough broadhead that is tough as nails.  For those of you who like to sharpen your own broadhead this one may be the ticket for you.  The G5 Montec CS provides a solid 1.06 cutting diameter.  Overall, this is a solid broadhead with a lot of satisfied bowhunters.  Only draw back from my stand point is you need to sharpen the blades yourself.  If you like to do that then this is a great broadhead that I do not think will let you down!


Slick Trick Razor Trick is another radical looking fixed blade broadhead.  While I have not used them they have been a popular item in our Archery Supplies Store.  This is a true cut on contact head that appears to deliver outstanding hide and flesh cutting potential.  This one has a patented Deadbolt blade locking system that ensures the head is extremely strong.  The Slick Trick Razor provides a cutting diameters of 1.12 and .875 inches for a total of 2 inches.  No question this broahead will do a number on a whitetail but think this would slap go through a hog making it an ideal “swine” killing machine.  I have not shot this broadhead so I can not tell you how well it will shoot but everything else seems to be there for a solid shooting fixed blade broadhead for this upcoming bowhunting season.


NAP Thunderhead Razor is a brother of the original Thunderhead and Thunderhead Edge.  If you have been on the site you know who passionate Spook Spann is about shooting the original thunderhead by NAP.  We started using the Thunderhead and Thunderhead Edge last year.  Pleasantly surprised of just how well this broadhead flew and patterned.  Not only a great big game broadhead but great for turkeys.  I shot an awesome eastern with Spook this spring on his farm with the Thunderhead Edge.  The Razor is the same design as the Edge with the off set blades that are already assembled in the micro grooved pro ferrule that is made of aircraft aluminum.  The difference is the blades are like the original Thunderhead and are extremely sharp.  This broadhead will leave a 1.12 cutting diameter.  I will be using this one for the 2011 season.


This next broadhead gets the award for being unique.  The Fulton Precision Archery Ramcat is a bit of a hybrid broadhead.  They say it flys like a field point but acts like a fixed blade.  This broadhead will produce a 1.37 inch cutting diameter that is pretty impressive for this design.  What makes it a bit unique is the Ramcat features blades that are sharpened on both the front and back side of the blade.  In the event you do not get a clean pass through, the blades will roll forward and produce a back cut.  This is important especially if you are shooting a lower poundage on your bow or if hog hunting.  I do like the idea of no matter what the angle or situation you are cutting that animal.  Especially if you do not get a pass through the animal is going to be running or if it lays down.  Every movement it makes is going to result in something getting cut that results in more blood and eventually a harvested animal.





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