Fire Fly Wind Detector Review

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A product that will be in my bag this year is the Firefly Electronic Wind Detector.  If I look back over the past five years and pinpoint the factors that have lead to me being successful in the woods and times of frustration due to not seeing the deer I was hunting.  The one thing that I made a mistake on was gambling on the wind.  Even with Scent Elimination Sprays you have to manage the wind.  I also think “carbon clothing” has limitations is over marketed.  I do believe they work to some degree but not how they are promoted.  I do not care what you tell me.

I am of the mindset that you need to use as many tools as you can to fool a mature deer.  That includes sprays, clothing, and most of all managing the wind.  Every deer has its own unique personality and some many be more tolerate of small amounts of odors.  Other deer my be overly sensitive to any odors.  Listen, it’s tough when you only have a few days to hunt and you want to get into the woods.  You spray down the best you can but you still don’t see any deer.  I love to be in the woods but if you are hunting a particular deer then you really need to consider not going if wind is not right.  This tool will help you best manage the wind to determine what stand to hunt or what direction to take when approaching or leaving your stand.

For example; the Fire Fly gives you precise data readings and wind direction in a very short time period.  It takes 512 readings per second.  The firefly will pick up the most minimal wind direction and thermal variations to help you truly manage the wind.  I do believe that this tool will help me do a better job of approach my stands more strategically and determine with pinpoint accuracy what stands to hunt to ensure the best chance for me to harvest that animal I may be hunting.  I can also see the Firefly being highly effective on the Elk hunts and Mule Deer Spot and Stalk hunts.  We will be in Wyoming in Septemer bowhunting Elk and I will have the Fire Fly wind detector in my bag.

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