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Bowhunting Boss here to update you on our north Georgia summer food plot is moving along well.  We have divided the farm into (4) plots with a variety seeds from Tecomate Lab Lab Plus, Buck Peas Plus and iron clay peas.  The larger two fields are close to (2) acres a piece that are planted with the Lab Lab Plus.  As you can see both plots are coming up well in just the first few weeks. The plants are approximately 3-4 inches tall and all about 6-10 inches apart across the entire food plot area.  One of the plots has more of a weed problem than the other so we are dealing with it by hand spraying some of the areas that we have higher concentration of weeds.

On top of hitting some of the areas of the food plot with Lab Lab Plus with some weed killer we added some additional fertilizer based on our soil sample.  One of the key ingredients was Nitrogen and we poured it to the plots.  We have been blessed to have some rain right after we planted the plots and a few days of sunshine to help with the weed killer.  Then we got some rain today and that should help to kick the seed growth into high gear.  Once the Lab Lab Plus gets to a certain height it will overtake the weeds and create a canopy that will make it hard for the weeds to grow.

We are seeing some deer movement within the food plot that is a positive sign but we are not seeing a great deal of grazing yet.  This leads me to the notion that I do not need to put up the plot saver system to keep the deer out until the plant can get established.  I am confident that once the plants get some additional nutrients and rain they should kick off…..One of the areas of concern were some early emergence of weeds in the food plot.  While we did spray the field prior to planting this pasture has been neglected for many years with over growth of weeds and other grasses.  I did spray the heavier areas with round up to keep the weeds at bay until the plants get tall enough to shadow out the weeds or undergrowth.


Pictures of Food Plot on – Week 3

Lab Lab Plus Food Plot # 1


Lab Lab Plus Food Plot # 2


Iron Clay Peas Food Plot


Follow Food Plot – Week 5

We have good news and bad news.  The good news is that we are seeing some accelerated growth since we applied more nutrients a few weeks ago and recent rain fall.  The bad news is the deer have moved in more quickly than anticipated.  They are beginning to hit the plants hard by nipping off the top (most tendure) part of the plant.  We are also seeing some of the areas where there is limited seed growth, which could be due to a number of factors.  So what do we do from here.  I am going to put up a browse enclosure to see just how much the deer are eating vs. the plant growth.  Once we have done this we are going to fill in some of the bar spots with a hand tiller and add some additional seed and then rake it in.

Additionally, we are going to put out a corn feeder to help take some of the pressure off of the food plot until the plants get to a point where heavy grazing will not limit their potential.  Overall, we are pleased to see the increased sign and movement into the food plot as this reinforces the need for a high quality food source in this area.  The reality may be that the soil is so far out of whack that it may take several rotations of disking, lime, fertilizer, disking, weed killer….. Worst case is we may not have quit the yield we desired for a summer plot.  The deer now know where there is food and we will follow this up in September/October with Fall & Winter food plot seeds to create year round high quality food source.


Pictures from Food Plot- Week 5


Lab Lab Plus Food Plot # 2


Iron Clay Peas Food Plot


Lab Lab Plus Food Plot # 1

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