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NAP Apache Micro

The Apache Rest is becoming one of the more popular Archery Arrow Rests for today’s bowhunter. NAP continues that trend while at the NAP Apache Mirco Restsame time improving the quality of their arrow rests with the new APACHE MICRO drop-away. The “no-tools required” APACHE offers easy setup & tuning. Nail-driving accuracy is also made possible thanks to the laser-indexed horizontal and vertical marks. Made of all-metal construction, the APACHE will provide years and years of reliable performance. And, to make sure the rest is as whisper quiet as your next hunting bow, NAP applied a full-coverage dampening material inside the full-containment housing. This deadly combination means one thing—bombproof reliability and stealth in the field. The V-shaped launcher is self centering and also comes with sound-squashing, pre-installed felt for further whisper-quiet performance that is a bit unique to the NAP Apache.  A bowunter would be hard pressed to find a more durable and/or reliable drop-away arrow rest that can match the APACHE in both performance and cost!  We had a hard time getting the original Apache on our PSE Bows.  The new Apache Micro has been worked better on these bows for 2011.  Based on the durability, cost, drop away effects we highly suggest this archery arrow rest to any level bowhunter.


NAP Apache Capture

The Apache Capture drop away arrow rest is a full containment rest. In conjunction with super silent, 360 degree dampening, the Capture isNAP Apache Rest also super. Unlike other rests on the market, the Apache does not require any wrenches or other tools to make adjustments. And, users will also find the laser graduation marks make fine tuning in the field a snap. In addition, the rest is built with dependable, all metal construction.  Overall, the Apache Arrow Rest has worked great for so many bowhunters.  Spook Spann from Spook Nation TV has used the original Apache for the past year with a great deal of success.



AAE DOA Drop Away Rest
Arizona Archery Enterprises introduces the DOA fall away rest that uses what the company calls Rapid Drop Technology. This allows the AAE DOA Arrow Restlauncher arms to stay up once the shooter draws the bow and even during the initial arrow launch. To reset the rest after making your shot of a lifetime, simply use the finger cocking lever. This rest is offered in a universal, Hoyt Tech, Hoyt Carbon Matrix, and Mathews specific versions.  If you are looking for an Archery Arrow Rest for your Bow that is a little different but is as effective as any other rest on the market.  Check out the new Arizona Archery Enterprises DOA Fall Away Rest for this upcoming Bowhunting Season.



Trophy Ridge Revolution

Unlike other fall away rests, the Revolution clears the arrow’s path lightening fast with zero bounce back which can be a problem with someTrophy Ridge Revolution Rest rests on the market. Trophy ridge took their full containment technology and combined it with a new, faster fall away system. Simply nock your arrow and rotate the Revolution’s launcher arm into the horizontal position. That’s it. Your arrow will remain locked and loaded thanks to front and rear containment arms.  Once released, the Revolution’s launcher arm quickly springs into the upright position and the arrow is gone. Internal components fine tune the timing of the release to match your bows performance, and a string clamp means you can setup the Revolution without using a bow press to split your cables. Lastly, silencer pads come standard and can be applied to the launcher arms for silent operation.  The Revolution is giving some of the more popular Arrow Rests a run for their money based on the new design and effectiveness it provides.  We suggest that you take a look at this arrow rest as part of your search for a new rest for your bow this year.


Trophy Ridge Dropzone

Trophy Ridge Drop Zone RestStill a favorite among bowhunters everywhere, the original “vertical” drop-away rest launches arrows and then drops cleanly away (straight down) for unobstructed flight, shooting accuracy and consistency. Throw in rubber dampening qualities and you’ve got a dependable, accurate rest that is also silent during the draw and release.




Fuse Ultra Rest

Fuse is no stranger to producing quality bow accessories, and keeping in that tradition, they add the Ultra Rest to their ever-growing lineup.Fuse Ultra Arrow Rest Using what Fuse describes as Velocity Drop-Away Technology, the launcher arms on the Ultra drop only after the bow is fired. With an internal cam/brake design, complete silence is guaranteed when critters come in nice and close. The extended thumb lever also allows you to easily cock the rest into the full capture position with minimal movement.




Ripcord Arrow Rest

The all new Ripcord Code Red drop-away has been improved for 2011 with a redesigned tether opening which reduces wear, extends the life Ripcord Arrow Restof the tether itself, and also provides consistent performance after every shot. Other features which are proven to boost accuracy include a soft over molding for silent operation, wear reducing internal dampers, an easy set-up football clip, and Ripcord’s Drop Dead Brake system which virtually eliminates launcher bounce-back; insuring fletching clearance. All of this adds up to more consistent flight, tighter groups, and easy bow tuning.



G5 Expert Pro

The trouble with attaching your drop-away rest to your buss cables is that it has the potential to pull your bottom cam out of sync….unless G5 Expert Pro Arrow Restyou’re shooting an Expert Pro that is. Designed to connect to the upward buss cable, G5’S latest offering connects to the upward buss cable; essentially eliminating any problems associated with cam pull. The Expert Pro also provides shooters with vertical and horizontal adjustments for accurate center-shot alignment, a new ball bearing design for enhanced durability, as well as an assortment of camo options including the Mathews Lost pattern.


Trophy Taker Smack Down

The new SmackDown was designed to be attachment to either the bottom limb or the upward moving cable on your bow. Those anchor Trophy Taker Smack Down Arrow Restpositions allows the launcher to rise early in the draw cycle, lifting the arrow well before the broadhead nears the rest or the cams break over into the let-off position. At the release of the string, the arrow travels along the launcher for nearly the full length of the shaft. This results in increased arrow guidance time, which translates in to more accurate shooting. It also makes tuning finicky bows much easier.  The SmackDown’s launcher arms also pivot on a rock solid bearing system with no “bounce back”, and feature the quietest dampening system available.



Trophy Taker Extreme FC Top Slot

When you want quick and easy arrow loading, look to the new Extreme FC Top Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest  from Trophy Ridge. Ensuring Trophy Taker Extreme Arrow Restarrow capture and retention over 320 degrees of bow rotation, the Extreme rest features an ultra- quiet full capture launcher. This silent operation can be credited to an innovative Drop Stop Launcher Noise and Vibration Dampener system and a one of a kind PVC rubberized ring coating. The Extreme also needs no tools and no fasteners to quickly install the cable clamp; making setup a breeze.





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