Is Fast overrated for today’s bows….

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Absolutely not!  The faster the better in my opinion but with one caveat.  The compound bow has to be quiet as well as being fast.  The technology has gotten soo much better that there is no reason bow manuf. can not make bows faster and quieter.  Most of the bows on the market today are really good but some are faster than others.

The reason I like fast as a bow hunter is greater kinetic energy (along with good arrow) and straighter arrow flight for longer distances.  This will result in more effective weapon for hunting out west or shooting beyond 40-yards at whitetails where we hunt.  Before you get fired up that we should not be shooting that far, we do our part to practice to ensure an ethical shot.  Make no bones about it I will take a 50-yard plus shot if the conditions are right and animal is standing in a ethical shooting position (broadside).  A bow that is fast will allow me to get the arrow there faster and with more kinetic energy to penetrate the animal more effectively.

Today there are a number of bows that I would consider fast to include many of the PSE compound bow models such as the AXE, EVO and Omen.  There are other bows that shoot above 330 fps that include….So, what makes one bow faster than another.  There are a number of factors but one that is recognized more commonly is the brace height.  Brace Height can be explained as…… The faster bows will have 5.5 to 6.5 inch brace height and the more forgiving bows advertised in the market have 7 or 7.5 inch brace heights.  So, what does that mean to you…

If you are just getting into bow hunting then you many want to stick with a bow that is a little more forgiving that will not shoot as fast but will allow you to shoot well and gain confidence (bow with 7 inch brace height).  That does not mean you need to forget good shooting technique.  I do not pretend to be a master or pro shooter but I do practice enough and critique myself that I will shoot a shorter brace height bow that has smoking speed.

At the end of the day you need to consider a bow that will meet YOUR needs.  We sell a lot of bows that are fast and some that are more forgiving.  I do not want to mislead you towards one manuf. because we are sponsored by them.  If FAST is important to you then find look at the PSE and Quest models of bows.  Don’t pick a bow because the guy you see on TV hunting uses it.  Pick one that meets your needs as a bowhunter and your level of experience.

A tool that we have on the site are Archery Calculators that will allow you to plug in a bows IBO, Arrow Weight, and other factors to determine the kinetic energy and Arrow Speed and much more.

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