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Many states require you to have taken courses to obtain a liscense to hunt. has made it easy for you to get the necessary education to those states.  Additionally, this is a great resource for those beginning to bowhunt and or kids wanting to get into the sport they can get a good foundation on a number of areas related to bowhunting, proper equipment and safety information.

For many sportsmen, one of the best things about bowhunting is the ability to have the woods to themselves early in the season. It also means hunters who must complete a bowhunter education course need to take care of that requirement as soon as possible. is a convenient way to get approved training online.

Studying at is free to the public and provides a high quality online education for those who must obtain their bowhunting certification. Hunters are advised to check their regulations because many special bow hunting opportunities, such as public land and urban hunts, require bowhunters to be certified. can help bowhunters earn their certification and learn how to be more successful.

“The main advantage of online training is students spend less time in a classroom and more time at the field day. The first-rate training they receive at prepares them to focus on field day activities such as shooting, judging distance, shot placement, practicing safe tree stand strategies, and improving blood trailing skills,” said Marilyn Bentz, executive director of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation. “In addition to the convenience, online training means less money spent at the gas pump.”

Students seeking their bowhunting certification pay a one-time fee, which is due only if they pass the test. Students can take the test as many times as they need to pass it. Online bowhunter education courses are available in participating states so students should visit www.bowhunter- to take a course specific to their state.

After passing the exam at, students should immediately print out a Field Day Qualifier Certificate, which admits them to their state’s field day. Many states require students to pre-register for their field days so hunter education coordinators advise students to visit their state wildlife agency website to sign up. is the official course of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation http:/ / and is approved by all states requiring successful completion of a recognized bowhunting education course.

Bentz reminds bowhunters that before they head afield, they need to carefully read the hunting regulations for the area they plan to hunt. For more information about regulations related to bowhunter education, contact Bentz at 479-649-9036 or

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Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. is the official provider of recreational safety education materials for all 50 states. Our print, Internet, and DVD safety courses have been providing official safety certification for states since 1995. We provide safety courses in boating, hunting, bowhunting, and off-road vehicle (ORV) and snowmobile operation. For more information, visit the Kalkomey Enterprises website at

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