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There is no question that today’s compound bows are really good.  For the most part you can not find a bow that will not perform and get the job done in the field.  It is really a matter of what fits your needs.  It is easy to be influenced by TV ads and what your TV host is promoting.  Let’s face it that is part of the reality of the marketing game in our hunting industry.  Today I am going to discuss what I like about the new PSE EVO with Skulz camo pattern.  If you like what you see and read then go check one out.

I have shot nearly every manufacturer over the past ten years with only a few disappointments.  Some compound bows were faster than others, some were more forgiving and others were quieter.  The great thing is most bow companies have been able to combine all of these factors into one bow.  The difference for me is SPEED is still a differentiator for PSE.  Bows have gotten faster but most have not gotten to the level of PSE while still shooting really really well.  Last year I shot the PSE AXE 6 and like it but was not in love with it.  The short brace height provided good speed but was not a super forgiving bow.  I practiced a lot and got it shooting well.  This year I went to the EVO and chose the Skulz Camo with all accessories in Black.  It looks Bad to Bone but how does it shoot…

Let’s put it this way with only 10 arrows I had this bow dialed in and loving every shot.  That has not happened to me in a long long time.  To be fair I had the same person set this bow up as I did on the PSE AXE 6 with the same sight (TruGlo micro brite), rest (QAD Fall Away) and stabilizer ( X-Factor 6 inch).  This bow is very fast, quite and has a great wall.  The shorter brace height is a key factor to the speed of this bow but I am not giving up any forgiveness.  The IBO of the EVO is 345 fps.  PSE’s has incorporated a new Planar Flex Riser and revolutionary Centerlock Pockets that provides the performance of this bow.  EVO has 6 inch Brace Height, 32.5 ” Axle to Axle, 75% Let Off, and only weighs 4.4o lbs.  This bow is soo smooth and did I say FAST.  Here is my set up:

  • 2011 PSE EVO 29 inch set at 64lbs
  • Carbon Express Maxima arrows with 100 grain SHWACKER 2 inch Broadhead  (365 total grains)
  • TruGlo Micro Bright Sight
  • X-Factor 6 inch stabilizer
  • QAD HD Fall Away Arrow Rest
  • X-FACTOR string and limb silencers
  • EPIC HD CAM attached to bow
  • X-Factor Bow Stand

Based on this set up shooting 365 grain arrow (including weight of broadhead) at 65lbs I am shooting at 311 fps.  If you want a fast bow that shoots really well then go check out any of the new 2011 PSE Bows and specifically the PSE EVO.  It is not marketed as much as some of the other bows but does not mean it or other brands are not great bows.  While Mathews makes a really good bow and have no reason to think the new 2011 line is great bow.  A big reason for their popularity is because of the amount of advertising they do not necessarily because they are the best bow on the market.  That is just how I see it…… The point is do your research and find a bow that fits your needs and that is the best bow on the market!

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