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It’s late August and bowhunting season is just around the corner.  While the rut is still a few months away for must of us it time to start thinking about all the tools you will need to take advantage of one of the most exciting times to be in the woods.  One of the key peices of bowhunting equipment is a quality deer hunting call.  MAD deer hunting calls have been a gold standard in the hunting industry for a number of years.  Part of the success has been some of the unique calls that they have come up with due to the efforts of Mark Drury.

mad calls hyper growlMark  discovered this new deer vocalization in 2006 and MAD turned this discovery into one of the hottest and most successful deer calls in 20 years. For 2011, MAD’s patent-pending Hyper Deer Growl Call ($28) has taken the next new step in deer call innovation by emulating the actual way that deer produce sound.

The addition of a “Hyper Ventilator Tube” to the air passageway—simulating a deer’s nasal passage or nostrils—creates what MAD is calling the most-realistic deer sounds ever recorded, and a reed system that cannot be “locked up” with as much air flow as you can give it. The integrated system even allows the hunter to place his hand over the end of the main air flow to create perfect snort-wheezes through the Hyper Ventilator Tube without removing air supply from the call. This deadly combination allows the hunter to “reach out and grab” that monster buck with the loudest, most-realistic calling sequences ever achieved.

By studying the anatomy of whitetail deer, MAD engineers incorporated the nasal/vocal equivalency of the deer into this patent-pending call. The actual nasal chamber whitetails use to create their snort and wheeze vocalizations is assimilated, as well as deep guttural grunts and growls. Not only are the Grunt and Snort Wheeze components connected externally, they also internally share the same air flow.

For more info on this call and other Flambeau Outdoors products, call (800) 457-5252, visit, or if you would like to purchase one of these deer calls visit Stick’em Archery’s online store.

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