FLEXTONE’S New Bull Collector Elk Call for 2012

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Coming Soon is the Flextone has come out with another solid game call this time for Elk hunting.  The new Flextone’s Bull Collector Elk Call is part of the Bone Colletor Series from Flextone.  The Bull Collector Elk call was designed to make all elk sounds. It’s Mylar reed system allows you bugle like big bad herd bulls or sound like smaller satellite bulls by simply adding or decreasing both air flow and pressure on the reed. The expandable tube also aids in creating the perfect tone by extending or shortening the tube. This call can also make very realistic cow calls, you simply pop off the mouthpiece and you are ready to mew like a cow, chirp like a calf or do aggressive estrus cries of a hot cow in heat begging for company from the herd bull. The Bull Collector Elk Call will have a retial price of around $19.99 and can be purchased at StickemArchery.com.


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