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qad archeryQuality Archery Designs, the innovator of Smart Rest Technology, has announced the new Mossy Oak Ultra-Rest HDX—the company’s new top-of-the-line arrow rest. The HDX has all of the features of the Ultra-Rest HD—with an “eXtreme” edge for die-hard hunters.

The new modern design and sleek styling offers eXtreme compatibility, durability, and versatility—accommodating all bow models. It’s also the only rest on the market that offers custom colors that are sure to catch the eye.  There are more and more Arrow Rests coming out on the market with drop away technology.  Trophy Ridge, NAP Apache, Vapor Trail for Mathews Bows, Vanish Arrow Rest from Octane, and new Trophy Taker 2012 Smack Down.  All seem to work using the same concept of creating arrow clearance with some differences in how they do it.  Over the past three years I have used the QAD Ultra Rest series with a great deal of success.  I like the reliability and fact that arrow can not fall out.  Do not think you can go wrong with any of these.  One thing to consider is that not all of these rest fit on all of today’s bows.  Do a little research before you buy to make sure will fit on your bow.

The QAD New eXtreme features include:

  • A sleek curved capture bar and redesigned vertical for more versatility
  • custom colors that include green, red, pink, and blue; and total arrow containment (the arrow will never fall off the rest, even if it’s upside down)
  • Not only does it contain your arrow, the launcher drops away—giving you total fletching clearance that delivers the fastest, most-accurate shot possible
  • With Velocity Drop-Away Technology (VDT) the rest knows to drop away only when the bow is fired. This means if you draw the bow back and are forced to let down slowly, the rest will continue to contain your arrow
  • With QAD’s Lock-Down Technology (LDT), as the launcher falls into the drop-away position it locks down—guaranteeing no bounce-back and total fletching clearance

More good news? The rest is easy to set up and tune—especially with the free DVD included in every package. Also included is a cable clamp (which makes serving and a bow press unnecessary for installation).

Another “must see” for 2012 are QAD’s Exodus broadheads, which are available in both barbed and non-barbed versions. It has been proven that short compact broadheads fly better, are more accurate, and match field point tuning and accuracy better than longer broadheads. Most compact heads on the market fly very well but unfortunately give up penetration and/or cutting diameter. The revolutionary Exodus broadheads make use of Blade Over Shaft (B.O.S.) technology that delivers field point accuracy and superb strength while still maintaining a large (1.25 inches) cutting diameter and extreme penetration. Exodus broadheads are available in both 85 and 100 grains.

Contact Quality Archery Designs at (434) 846-5839; www.qadinc.com.  To purchase any of the QAD Arrow rests or Broadheads visit our online Archery Store by clicking here.

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