2012 Compond Bows Review

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Below is a review of many of the new Compound Hunting Bows for 2012. These are some awesome bows for this upcoming season. They have SPEED, GREAT LOOKS, and are SMOOTH SHOOTING.  Because today’s bows are soo good it really comes down to a personal choice.  We will provide you with some insight as to our experience and provide you with the facts around the bows.  At the end of the day take the time to shoot any of these bows to see which one best fits your needs. Don’t just go by what you see on TV.

Some of the features you should be evaluating are Brace Height as this is a direct reflection of the type of speed you can expect from the bow.  Typically, the shorter brace height bows will provide faster speeds but typically are less for giving than bows with longer brace heights.  With that said the technology of these new bows has dramatically improved to be able to provide forgiving bows with shorter brace heights.   Next, consider the Axle to Axle length for your hunting scenarios and your body dynamics.  Finally, look at the PRICE of these bows to help you find a bow that meets your needs as there is NO MAGIC BULLET for everyone.



If you are looking for clearly one of the Fastest bows on the market, then check out the PSE Omen Pro. PSE has focused on better engineering for this new bow to combine both speed and accuracy. This bow is Freaky Fast shooting up to 366 fps, the performance doesn’t stop with speed. The PSE Omen Pro also incorporates the new Planar Flex Riser design and revolutionary new Centerlock Pocket system to create one of the most consistent and accurate bows you’ll ever shoot.Spook Spannshot a 190 inch + Mule Deer this past season at 100 yards with his Omen.  You can see this hunt on Spook Nation TV on Pursuit Channel.This bow is truly bad to the bone.  One thing to consider is what makes this bow so fast is the short brace height of of 5 1/2 inches.  This bow is 33 inches axle to axle. This bow will not be as forgiving as some of the other models by PSE.  If you are just getting started into bowhunting may want to consider a bow like Brute, EVO, Bowmadness or Rally that have longer brace height but are still really fast!This bow model is draw length specific and available in half inch increments.
Available: 26 – 30 draw length options
Available colors: Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo, Black Camo or SkullworksRetail Price : $949.99



This is not a bow to be taken lightly. PSE has totally re-designed the already amazing Brute incorporating X-Tech technology. This bow has preloaded split limbs, an all new machined riser, new pivoting limb pocket system. Plus re-designed Madness Pro cam that allow for 1/2″ adjustments with PSE’s posi-lock inner cam. Add in a backstop, multiple sight mounting holes, our Raptor grip and all the other features you expect from PSE. You truly have an impressive bow. Shoot the new PSE Brute X Compound Bow. You won’t believe that we can offer a bow this smooth and this fast for under $400.This bow model ships in the 29 inch draw setting and has an inner cam adjustment range of 25 – 30 inches with a simple inner module adjustment.
Available Draw Weights: 50, 60 or 70 pounds
Available Colors: Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo, Black Camo or Skullworks.With a 31” axle to axle length, 7 1/4” brace height and speeds up to 320 fpsthe Brute X is a great bow for both beginning archers as well as seasoned veterans.   With a price tag under $400 the Brute X is a great value for 2012.  The Brute is one of those bows you can not go wrong with especially if you are starting out.  You are going to have a FAST BOW for the range of bows that have longer brace height but a very forgiving bow.  The new line of PSE bows have not substituted fast for forgiving.  Those two features are now consistent with the entire line of bows by PSE Archery.Retail Price: $399.99 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE WITH SAME DAY 2-DAY SHIPPING

The Dream Season PSE EVO COMPOUND BOW has been upgraded from last year with ½ inch module adjustments which provide draw length changes from 25 to 30 inches.   An optimized draw cycle also accounts for an easier draw while decreasing shot noise and vibration.  The Dream Season EVO has a 6” brace height, axle to axle length of 32 ¼” and shoots speeds up to 345 fps. I shot this bow this past season and I do have to say it was one of the best compound bows I have ever shot.  The just feels great in your hands.  Literally, within 15 arrows I was shooting darts.  The speed and forgiveness is the best I have seen so far.  Many of you who shoot other bows may argue with me and that is okay.  Again, it is a personal choice.  If you are looking for freaky speed and forgiveness the PSE EVO has to be a bow you consider.Retail Price: $849.99

Utilizing the same Fluid cam as the Rogue, the Torrent offers an increase in speed up to 322 fps while weighing in a 4.2 pounds.Specs

  • Speed: 322 FPS
  • Weight: 4.2 LBS
  • Brace Height: 7″
  • Axle to Axle: 31″
  • Draw Length: 25.5″ – 30″ (Half Inch Increments)
  • Pounds: 50, 60, 70

The Torrent focuses on the perfect combination of forgiveness, smoothness, and speed for all types of hunters. The shorter brace height and the new Fluid Cam gives hunters the extra speed they are looking for without sacrificing smoothness and accuracy. The addition of Quest’s patented I-Glide reduces torque on the cables and improves smoothness throughout the draw cycle. New for 2012, the Fluid Cam features a rotating module that allows you to switch the draw length without a bow press with only one module. The design behind the Fluid Cam was to create a smooth and consistent draw cycle so hunters could enjoy shooting their hunting setup year round.
Retail Price: $529.99 – $559.99



The 2012 Rogue from Quest features the new Fluid cam, which is a single cam design that offers draw length adjustments without the need for a bow press.  The Rogue weighs in at 4.2 pounds and with a forgiving brace height of 7 ½” inches shoots speeds up to 312 feet per second.Specs

  • Speed: 312 FPS
  • Weight: 4.2 LBS
  • Brace Height: 7 1/2″
  • Axle to Axle: 31″
  • Draw Length: 26″ – 30.5″ (Half Inch Increments)
  • Pounds: 50, 60, 70

Bringing accuracy, smoothness, and compact design into one bow makes The Rogue a top choice for any hunter. The combination of the new Fluid Cam, parallel limb design, and longer brace height makes this bow extremely forgiving and smooth shot after shot. The Rogue features the new Fluid Cam. This cam features a rotating module that allows you to switch the draw length without a bow press with only one module. The design behind the Fluid Cam was to create a smooth and consistent draw cycle so hunters could enjoy shooting their hunting setup year round.

Retail Price: $429.99-$459.99




One of the most highly anticipated bows for 2012 is the new Bowtech Insanity CPX.  Combining several technologies found in the previous Destroyer and Invasion CPX bows, the new Insanity CPX is sure to be a hit.  Hardcore limbs, FLX-Guard technology and the Overdrive Binary Cam System combine to push arrows at an impressive 355 fps from this 32” axle to axle bow with a 6” brace height.  The new Insanity CPX has a mass weight of 4.3 pounds.

Also new from Hoyt for 2012 are the Vector Series bows.  They are produced in three different variations – the Vector 32, Vector 35 and Vector Turbo.  All Vector bows feature the new RKT cam with ErgoDraw technology and the in-line roller guard.  The Vector 32 measures 32” axle to axle, weighs 4 pounds and shoots up to 330 fps.  The Vector 35 is 35” axle to axle, weighs 4.2 pounds and shoots 325 fps.  The speedy Vector Turbo is also 35” axle to axle but thanks to a 6” brace height shoots up to 340 fps
Hoyt Vector, a true 330 FPS bow powered by the revolutionary Hoyt RKT Cam 1/2 with ErgoDraw Vector is your direct line to all the latest Hoyt technologies dedicated to the success of your hunt. The patent pending In-Line Roller Guard, equipped with Hoyt’s new Inner Race Bearing, decreases friction and increases efficiency. XTS PRO ARC limbs are as tough and efficient as they come. The all-new PRO-LOCK X-Lite pocket features lower mass, stealthy silence, and a new transverse limb bolt anchor, making adjustments smooth as butter. Pro-Fit grip, patented Stealth Shot, Perfect Balance (patent pending) and Silent Shelf round out the lengthy list of features packed in this hard-hunting partner in the field.

For archers with an extra long draw
, Strother offers the new Moxie.  With a lengthy axle to axle measurement of 37 ½” the Moxie offers draw lengths out to 32 ½” and produces impressive speeds of up to 330 feet per second.  The Moxie is also available in draw weights up to 80 pounds.

Built with the woman archer in mind, the new Hope from Strother weighs just 3.75 pounds and shoots speeds up to 297 at 25 ½” draw length/60 pound draw weight.   The hope is available in draw weights from 40-60 pounds and draw lengths from 23.5 inches to 25.5 inches.


Hoyt introduced the Carbon Element RKT for 2012.  The riser has remained mostly unchanged from 2011, but they have introduced the new RKT cam which offers a silky smooth draw and speeds up to 330 fps.  The Carbon Element RKT measures 32” axle to axle, has a 6 ¾” brace height, and weighs just 3.6 pounds.

I have shot a number of Hoyt Bows in the past and have been pleased with them.  They are very tough and accurate without a question.  The new Carbon Element is super light at only 3.6 lbs.  Based on the facts it does not seem that the Carbon Element is as fast as say PSE OMEN but is an unbeliveably strong bow with respectable speed.  Hoyt has done a good job with the look of this bow and combined it with outstanding performance.


You asked for it and Elite delivered.  New for 2012  is the “Answer”.  The new flagship from Elite measures 33 ½” axle to axle, weighs 4.1 pounds, sports a 7” brace height and delivers speeds up to 340 feet per second.  With numbers like these, the Answer makes a great bow for both hunting or 3D shooting.Elite Archery is becoming more and more recognized for their bow technology in the market place.  The combination of cool look, speed and forgiveness is enough for any bowhunter to stop and check out this series of bows.

When Bear set out to design their new bow for 2012 they listened to what their customers wanted.  A longer riser design for increased stability, while still being light weight and strong.  What they got was the new Anarchy.  At 35.25” axle to axle the Anarchy sports a 7.25” brace height and fires arrows at a speedy 345 fps.  All of this comes in a 3.8 pound package.  Bow comes in Realtree or Shadow Series colors.Retail Price: $899.99

For bowhunters on a budget, the new Bear Legion was built for you.  With a retail price of just under $400 the Legion sports a compact size of just 30.5” axle to axle while offering a forgiving brace height of 7” and, thanks to the modular E2-Cam, spits out arrows up to 318 feet per second.Bear has really come out strong the past few years with some quality bows to we all have been used to over the years.  This new Bear Legion looks like a good bow for someone just starting out or who may want to get a quality bow but spend more on the accessories for their new bow.Retail Price: $399.99

New for 2012 from Prime is the Centroid LR.  The lighter and stronger forged aluminum riser offers a stable platform for extreme forgiveness.  With the patent-pending parallel cam technology that eliminates the tradtional problem of cam lean, this 34.25” axle to axle bow features a 7” brace height and shoots speeds up to 332 feet per second.Prime’s Parallel Cam Technology reduces the total cam movement by at least seven times that of our nearest competitor’s cam technology. This means the horizontal nock travel of a Parallel Cam system is at least seven times straighter, more consistent, and thus more accurate than any other cam system.
Retail Price: $999.99

IT’S NEW, IT’S COMPACT, AND IT’S AN XFORCE!Only PSE can engineer a compact 29 5/8″ axle-to-axle length without compromising speed and shoot ability. The REVENGE has IBO of 340-332 with 6 1/4 inch brace height.  This new PSE REVENGE was inspired by the Vendetta XS, the new Revenge features an all-new riser, limb and cam package that is optimized to deliver ultimate performance.This a great bow not only for the treestand but perfect for ground blind set up or simply want a lightweight bow for stalking trophies out west, the new Revenge gives you a light and compact bow without the sacrifice. This bow  has an inner cam adjustment range of 24 1/2 – 30 inches with a simple inner module adjustment.I will be shooting this bow for 2012 Spring Turkey Season because of its compact size but with still smoking speed.  Working towards Turkey Slam from March to May with bow.  Jacked up to see how the new PSE Revenge does to help me get this done!
Available Draw Weights: 50, 60 or 70 pounds
Available Colors: Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo, Black Camo, Black or Skullworks. To watch video on new PSE Revenge click here. Retail Price: $649.99

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