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Content Provided By: Brian Stephens, StickemArchery.com Pro Staff

I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about the upcoming Spring Turkey Season.  I will be working towards a Turkey Slam with my bow this year.  I will start in Florida bowhunting an Osceola with Bill Lawson, Stick’em Pro Staff/Co-Founder, in mid March, then to Tennessee with Big D “David”, spook spann camera man, for Eastern in early April, then to Texas for Rio in mid April and finally, to Montana for Merriam first week of May.  Going to get it all done with my new PSE Revenge and Swhacker Broadhead.  Beyond excited about this opportunity.  In preparing for this upcoming season I have captured some of the new Turkey Calls for 2012.  Alot of great new calls to choose from for this year.  Good Luck!


NEW Primos® Hook Hunter™ Series Diaphragm Turkey Call Long Hook with Upper Cut

If you have turkey hunted for any length of time you know the quality that Primos puts into their calls.  I first learned how to use a Primos Long Hook Hunter Mouth Callmouth call from Primos series of calls using their DVD to help me how to use the mouth call to sound like turkey.  For me the box call was good to start to learn from but I wanted to enhance the variety of sounds I could make in the woods to adjust to a number of hunting scenarios and what the birds were doing.  An effective mouth call can compliment your hunting calls to bring in the weariest of long beards.  The Primos Hook Hunter Series of Turkey Calls with upper cut produce awesome realistic pitches.  These calls are all designed by the Pros from Primos.  On top of that they look pretty cool as well with new logo design on them.

  • Convincing, realistic pitches
  • Premium, hand-cut reeds
  • Custom designed by the pros at Primos
  • Loud, super-raspy yelps
  • Gives great flydowns and cuts
  • Versatile, must-have mouth call

The Long Hook with Upper Cut makes loud, super-raspy yelps that bring turkeys in fast.  It also gives great fly downs and cuts—a versatile, must-have mouth call.The Primos®  Hook Hunter™ Series offers convincing, realistic pitches that even the wisest old gobblers can’t resist! The premium, hand-cut reeds are custom designed by the pros at Primos, with a combined 100+ years of gobbler hunting experience.


NEW Primos® Hook Hunter™ Series 2” Diaphragm Turkey Call with Ghost Cut

The Hook Hunter Series of PRIMOS CALLS with GHOST CUT is another mouth call that produces extremely realistic sounds.  What mPrimos Hook Hunter Mouth Call with Ghost Cutakes this Primos call unique is the ghost cut that makes subtle yelps that are easy to produce with little air movement.  This call is awesome for kee-kee’s and purs to let that old long beard think “I am happy over hear and you need to come on over because I am content and feeding”.

  • Convincing, realistic pitches
  • Premium, hand-cut reeds
  • Custom designed by the pros at Primos
  • Produces subtle and effortless yelps
  • Requires very little air
  • Great kee-kees and purrs
  • Crisp, sound carries into the distance

The Primos® Hook Hunter™ Series 2″ Diaphragm Turkey Call with Ghost Cut produces subtle and effortless yelps with very little air. Great kee-kees and purrs, with a crisp, sound that carries into the distance.  The Primos Hook Hunter™ Series offers convincing, realistic pitches that even the wisest old gobblers can’t resist! The premium, hand-cut reeds are custom designed by the pros at Primos, with a combined 100+ years of gobbler hunting experience.  On top of that they look pretty cool as well with new logo design on them.


NEW Knight & Hale® Grandmaw’s Snuff Can Tube Turkey Call

David Hale and Harold Knight have been producing outstanding calls for the hunter for many decades.  Their passion of Turkey Knight & Hale new snuff callHunting has lead to some of the best calls on the market.  This new Snuff Can Tube Call is an innovative in it’s ability to produce some of the highest quality calls such as the hen purs and some long distance calls.  This call is made of a high quality maple with a diaphragm that can have the tension adjusted.  If you have a difficult time producing a purr sound with a mouth call then this may be the solution to your calling resources.  We know how important it is to be able to make that content purr to let that long beard know “hey big boy I am happy over here and if you want to come on over”.

  • Made of highly resonant maple
  • Great for long distance calling
  • Also makes sweet hen purrs too
  • Replaceable diaphragm with adjustable tension

The snuff can call has been around forever, but the Knight & Hale Grandmaw’s Snuff Can trumps them all.  The Grandmaw’s Snuffcan is Made of highly resonant maple, it’s great for long distance calling, but makes sweet hen purrs, too. Replaceable diaphragm with adjustable tension.


 NEW H.S. Strut® Premium Flex™ Expert Edge Diaphragm Turkey Calls Kit

The Hunter’s Specialties® H.S. Strut® Premium Flex™ Expert Edge Diaphragm Turkey Calls Kit includes one each of the E-Z Rasp (three ultra-thin reeds with special cut top reed), Raspy Old Hen (two reeds, double split), and Derringer Strut® (three ultra-thin reeds with a “strut cut” top reed for versatile and authentic turkey sounds) calls with moisture-resistant latex and precise stretch. Kit also includes Expert Edge 3 instructional video.  I am not the best mouth call hunter in the woods, so I love to use these DVDs to help me improve my calling.  The thing that I have learned with the mouth call is it takes practice and practice to get really good.  By watching these videos it will ensure you are calling the right way to ensure the highest quality calls you can make.

The great thing about a kit like this is it allows you to have a variety of different reeds to make a variety calls to help you manage as many situations in the field as possible.  This new Premium Flex Edge Kit is a must have if your looking for a variety of calls in one shot.



NEW Hunter’s Specialties® H.S. Strut® Li’l Strut® Box Turkey Call

The box call is the signature call for a turkey hunter in my opinion.  I started on a box call because I was intimidated by the mouth call.  The box call can produce such a variety of natural turkey calls that it is a must have in your turkey vest.  This new HS Strut is smaller than most box calls but is re-enforced on the edges to ensure durability.  It will easily fit in vest or vest.  How many times have you had to run to get to bird and set up.  That box call is flapping around or it falls out of your vest or pants because it is so long.  Problem solved this new box call.  Natural, durable, and very resonant cedar is laser-engraved and waterproofno chalk needed! The fact that this call is waterproof and does not require chalk is awesome!  This compact pocket-sized call makes two distinct sounds—both loud and high-pitched hen calls. Patented Silencer Plus™ for quiet walking; includes a FREE Premium Flex™ Li’l Strut diaphragm call with Infinity Latex®.  I love this features as I have many times been running to get set up and box call with squeak and can mess up hunt.  This is a great feature for this little box call!

  • Compact pocket-sized call
  • Natural, durable, resonant cedar
  • Laser-engraved
  • Waterproof
  • Two distinct sounds
  • Patented Silencer Plus


NEW Hunter’s Specialties® H.S. Strut® Raspy Old Hen Glass Pan Friction Turkey Call

The pure, incredibly realistic sound of a mature hen carries long distances. Includes carbon striker plus a FREE Premium Flex™ Raspy Old Hen diaphragm call with Infinity Latex®.  One thing I have learned is while there are some standard calls and vocalizations that every turkey makes.  They all have their unique differences from one bird to the next.  Having a variety of calls is a key to sounding like different birds in the woods.  If you are an absolute pro at the slate call you can adjust in the smallest ways to ensure those birds do get wise to that call.  I am not there yet so having a variety of calls in my vest will help me pull that bird in or maintain communication with hens before the wise up and move off.  This new Raspy Old Hen call is a great addition to the new 2012 calls to help you produce realistic sounds of mature hen that will carry a very long distance.  Good luck!

  • Incredibly realistic sound of a mature hen
  • Carries long distances
  • Includes carbon striker
  • Includes free diaphragm call


NEW flextone® Michael Waddell® Thunder Gobble™ Mouth Turkey Call

This extra-loud gobbler features a soft rubber body for quiet travel through the woods, with durable and flexible double reeds for hyper-realistic gobbles to locate toms with ease.  Some turkey hunters can make a gooble with just their mouth and other use some other type of tube call.  This new Thunder Gobble Mouth call makes it very easy to use and get that long beard fired up thinking another bird is in his territory.  This is a must have for the upcoming Spring Turkey Season.

  • Extra-loud gobbler
  • Soft rubber body
  • Travels quietly
  • Durable and flexible double reeds
  • Hyper-realistic gobbles



Michael Waddell Flextone Dirty Mouth Turkey Call

A double-reed with twin slits, the Michael Waddell Dirty Mouth Turkey Call makes clear yelps, crisp clucks, and pretty purrs.  Ideal for close-in calling.  This is one of those calls that is very very versatile in it’s ability to produce a variety of calls for so many different situations you may experience in the woods to get that old long beard to come into your set up.







  • Double-reed with twin slits
  • Makes clear yelps, crisp clucks, and pretty purrs
  • Ideal for close-in calling


NEW Knight & Hale® Metal Yell™ Aluminum Friction Turkey Call

An all-aluminum call, from pot to surface, the Knight & Hale Metal Yell Aluminum Friction Turkey Call produces everything from loud yelps to soft purrs that will convince any gobbler to strut into range! It’s the perfect all-around call to keep in your vest on every hunting trip. If you are a beginner turkey hunter then this may be a great friction call to start with.  It is like your bow, sometimes starting with a bow that is very forgiving is what you need to help to gain confidence in the field.  This new K&H call may be the ticket for you.  This new call Includes a purple heart striker for the best, most consistent calling.  The slate or Friction call is one of my favorite calls because it allows me to make a variety of calls that I can not make as effectively with a mouth calls such as a purr.  I  find that friction call is great to have to use in combination with a mouth call to simulate several hens or fighting hens.  This new K&H Metal Yell is a great new call for 2012 to help you bring in the weariest of thunder chickens to your set up to throw and arrow at them.

You can find any of these 2012 Turkey Calls in our Online Store @ www.stickemarchery.com.

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