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Clearly our knowledge and attention to scent has been enhanced over the past five years with new scent control clothing and sprays.  There are steps one can take from showering, washing clothes, storage of clothing, when to get dressed and then sprays for the field.  Fairchase products has taken a different approach to scent control. Fairchase Products, manufacturer of Nose Jammer, introduces a smarter way to hunt. The company has developed a brand new scent category called Jamming. Nose Jammer is not an attractant and not a cover scent; it is an olfactory nerve overload system.

Nose Jammer contains vanillin and other organic compounds that effectively jam, or overload, a big game animal’s sense of smell. Best of all, it does so without alarming the animal to danger. The Nose Jammer formula is made with compounds that are emitted from trees and plants found in North America. The key is taking these natural compounds and delivering them at concentrated levels to overwhelm the sense of smell.

When the brain is trying to process more odor sensory information than it is capable of, the signal shuts off and will not restart until it has had time to cool off. Just like an overly bright light can wash out a photographic image, Nose Jammer overwhelms the olfactory system and overpowers an animal’s ability to detect and track human scent. According to founder and president of Fairchase Products, John Redmond, “Making yourself invisible to big game is your number one priority when hunting, but not by covering up your scent or trying to smell like a deer. The basic principle behind Nose Jammer is to blend in with the big game’s environment by using compounds that are found in the trees and shrubs that they live in every day.”

Depending on how and what you hunt, Nose Jammer is used differently. But, typically, you spray your boots on the way to your stand, then a dash at the base of the tree, spray the tree for 5 seconds when you are standing in it, and that will attach the jammer and create a cloud. When game animals get downwind, Nose Jammer is the first thing that touches their nose. When on a spot and stalk spray your clothes and boots. Nose Jammer comes in either a 6 oz. or a 2 oz. aerosol can making it a cinch to carry in any pack or pocket.

I am not sure how well this product will work.  We will be doing some more research on it.  If it does what is claimed then I do see it as an additional element to controlling your scent.  From my standpoint, which is just one perspective, I would cover all bases when it comes to controlling  scent. 1) Showering, 2) Scent Control Clothing (Underarmour, Scent Lok, Scent Blocker), 3) Sprays such as Lethal Field Spray, 4) Ozonics System, and 5) Nose Jammer, and most importantly WIND.  We will let you know what we find once we do more research.  Stay Tuned….

For more information about why “jamming” works, how to use it, or for more information on the unique qualities of Nose Jammer, visit us at

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