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Flextone® Game Calls, the industry leader in natural game sounds introduces the Thunder Gobble™ to turkey hunters in 2012.  Flextone has produced a number of quality calls over the years that have helped us bring in some awesome long beards.  The ease of use and the design of the calls has produced some great sounds in the woods.  If you are like me you are not able to make a great gobble calls with your mouth or box calls.  This new Thunder Gobble Call should be in your vest to help you bring in hung up long beards looking for fight this upcoming spring turkey season.  Add a matting hen yelp to the gobble call and you may be in business.  I am excited about this Turkey Call for 2012 spring season.

The Thunder Gobble is a new design in gobbler type calls. This call has a shaped mouth piece that not only fits your mouth comfortably, but it directs 100% of your wind through the tube. This produces super loud gobbles. The double reed construction allows for raspy tones which add realism to your gobbling that you won’t get out of shaker type gobble tubes.

This mouth call is perfect to use to shock a gobble out of the wariest of old turkeys. Use the Thunder Gobble in conjunction with hen mating yelps and cause that jealous old tom to come running in for a fight. This call has proven deadly on late season call-shy toms.

For more information on the Thunder Gobble please visit www.flextonegamecalls.com.

About Flextone: Flextone Game Calls was established in 1997 when a single piece of surgical tubing was transformed into a lifelike sounding duck call. Animals produce sounds that flow through their soft tissue anatomy. Sounds generated from the voice box travel and articulate through vocal cords. These sounds travel upwards through the wind pipe and esophagus, around the tongue and out of the mouth, producing sound. The soft, flexible chambers in which sounds are evoked are extremely important for production of true natural sounds. Flextone Game calls are designed with a soft flexible passage chamber to mimic the anatomy of mammals and birds to produce these truer, more natural sounds. Flextone has a full line of deer, predator, turkey and waterfowl calls using this patented technology. The more natural the sounding a call is, the better animals will respond to it, and the more success you will have in the field. Flextone Game Calls, designed by nature, Flextone engineered. For more information on Flextone® Game Calls please visit www.flextonegamecalls.com or call 877.993.4868.

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