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Well it is almost here, Spring Turkey Season that is!  We are heading down to Florida on March 16th to hunt with Bill on his Central Florida Ranch.  We will be chasing Osceola long beards and some Hogs.  It will be the start to my Turkey Slam Adventure for 2012.  Over the past few years the Osceola has eluded me with the bow.  I am working on a Turkey Slam with my bow between March and May.  Below is an outline of the adventure and some of the products I will be using along the way to help me get the job done.

March 17thCentral Florida bowhunting Osceola Turkey.¬† One thing that is unique to the Osceola’s on Bill’s ranch is they are swamp birds and very difficult to hunt.¬† They are very vocal on the roast and when the first fly down they shut up!¬† It is very easy to over call one of these birds and at times they do not like gobbler decoys.¬† Especially as the season progresses and they have been hunted.

April 1st – Tennessee bowhunting Eastern Turkey.¬† I will be with one of our pro staff David who lives outside of Nashville and is Spook Spann’s camera man.¬† Dave or Big D has a family farm that has some outstanding long beards.¬† He and Spook Nation TV show executive producer Thomas are avid and very accomplished Turkey Hunters with Traditional Archery¬† Equipment.¬† They have been seeing some great birds on the farm already.¬† I shot this bird to the right on Spook Spann’s farm last year with my Bow.¬† It was an awesome hunt!

April 13-16thTexas bowhunting Rio Turkey.  I again will be with pro staff David and Co-Founder Bill Lawson hunting a ranch outside of Houston with some awesome long beards.  This will be a great bowhunt as this will be my first Rio if I can pull it off.

May 2nd Р5thMontana bowhunting Merriam Turkey. I will be bowhunting solo on this trip.  It will be an adventure hunting, calling and filming all by myself.  I am looking forward to the adventure and feel like I have the equipment to get it done.

Turkey Hunting Gear for the “Slam”

Here is a list of the gear I will be using on these trips to help me get the job done…….

PSE REVENGE COMPOUND BOWCompound Bow РI will be using my new PSE Revenge Compound Bow.  This little x-force bow is compact but still smoking fast with 6 and 1/4 brace height.  This new Revenge is only 4.20 lbs with IBO speeds up to 340 fps.  The new riser has better flex control to help ensure better accuracy.  This little bow is bad!  I have the X-Factor stabilizer, AXT sight and Trophy Ridge Revolution Arrow rest installed.  For review of the PSE Revenge you can go to

Hunting Broadheads РI will be using the Swhacker 2-inch cutting diameter broadhead for bowhunting long beards this spring.  I used the Swhacker during deer hunting season and was highly impressed with is flight and cutting ability.

Turkey Calls РI will be using the Wet Tech and Missouri Hot Hen Tru-Tone Turkey Calls.  The Wet Tech is a 100% water proof slate call that will be perfect for all conditions including when it is raining.  You can stay out in the woods even in these wet conditions to continue to chase that long beard.   The Missouri Hot Hen is a Box call that does not require the use of chalk and uses a rubber band system that is perfect for one hand use.  Finally, I will be using the Zink and Tru-Tone Mouth Calls.

HS Strut Woody Turkey DecoyDecoys – Wow the decoys on the market today are awesome.¬† I will be using several different types of decoys this Spring.¬† Starting with the HS Strut series of Hard Body Decoys such as the “Woody” and “Jezebel” decoys.¬† These decoys are super realistic with outstanding colors and taxidermy quality eyes.¬† They are perfect for ground blind hunting scenarios where you may be sitting for a period of time.¬† I will also be using their soft body decoys such as the “Sneaky Pete“¬† and “Temptress” decoys.¬† They will be great for that running and “sticking” as we call it scenarios.¬† Finally, I will be using the “Spin & Strut motion Gobbler decoy“.¬† This decoy has the ability to bring in the hung up gobblers due to it’s realism and motion ability.¬† The body not only turns but the fan can move up and down to trigger that fight response from that approaching gobbler.¬† You add in one of these HS Strut Hen decoys and it is “game on”!

Camo/Clothing/Boots-  I am a fan of Underarmour products due to the durability, comfort, and layering they provide.  The new Light Performance Pants UA Light Performance shirt for Turkey Huntingand Shirts in Mossy Oak Obsession are going to be perfect for me this spring.  They have the ability to conceal and will be great for those running and sticking scenarios where I need durable but comfortable performance clothing.  The last thing I want to worry about is what I am wearing.  These new UA Turkey performance clothing items are a must have for this spring.  Finally, I will be wearing my UA Speed Freak Boots that are amazingly comfortable and light weight.  I  was very impressed with them during my Elk Hunt last year.  I walked 5 miles per day and they kept my feet cool and comfortable the entire time.

Cameras РI will be using my Sony HD Handy Cam as main camera with 3rd Arm Stake Camera Arm that works great for ground blinds and S4 Gear Lockdown Systemhunting on the ground.  Additionally, I will be using the Go Pro Hero 2 Action Camera that is amazing.  It shoots in 1080 HD format and has unreal quality.  It has a water proof case so I will be able to hunt in the rain.

Accessories РI will be using the S4 Gear Lockdown Binocular System that are great for keeping your optics close but out of the way when you are ready to draw your bow and shoot.  The other S4 Gear product is the Freestyle Chair that will be perfect for the ground blind or for a home made ground blind using brush.  This chair rotates 360 degrees, has a chair back and is very comfortable.


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