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Content Provided By: Spook Spann &  Brian Stephens, StickemArchery.com Pro Staff

Spook here to talk about some of my top rated hunting gear I used in 2011.  While Spring Turkey season is just around the corner I often get asked about the gear I use in the field.  I would like to talk about some of the gear I believe helped me be successful this past season.  One thing I have been very fortunate to have are sponsors whom I truly believe in their products.  So, the products I am sharing with you have been tested and I do believe in them..

There are two key tools you have to have to no matter what the situation or where I am hunting.  A quality bow and quality clothing.  These hunting tools are critical because without a bow I am confident in I cannot make those necessary shots. Without clothing that keeps me cool when it is hot or warm when it’s cold I cannot hunt as long.  For me my PSE Omen Compound Bow is my bow of choice.  It is a super fast and very accurate bow.  This bow has short brace height and does require practice to be confident in but I love it.  In fact I am so confident in it I shoot a 190-inch Mule Deer this past September at 103 yards.  I did not hesitate to take the shot knowing what this bow could do.  Keep in mind I practice these types of shots throughout the year so I know where and how this bow will shoot.

Next is my Underarmour performance clothing.  In my opinion there is nothing that matches its ability to keep me cool during the early season hunts out west for Mule Deer and Elk.  I used the new speed freak boots this year and the UA H.A.W rubber boots.   I loved them both.  They were lightweight, comfortable and durable.  As the season progressed I would use Underarmour base layers to keep me cool or warm depending on the conditions.  One of my favorite jackets and pants were the ridge reaper series in the Mossy Oak Infinity pattern.  Whether it is Mossy Oak Infinity, Treestand, or Obsession I am totally concealed.  The key to Underarmour performance clothing is your ability to layer and have each aspect of clothing performs based on the conditions.  This helps me hunt longer and harder because I am not dealing with the conditions as much.

Other key bowhunting supplies I used were the Swhacker Broadhead with new 2 inch cutting diameter, Nufletch Archery fletching system on my PSE carbon force arrows.  Additionally, I use the Illumanight tracking system that is a revolutionary product.  Once you shoot the animal the material in the cartridge will mix with the blood creating a highway to track from.  I like the Swhacker because flies like a field point and wounds are awesome.  The Nufletch Archery Fletching System is unlike anything I have seen.  Arrows fly better and has better penetration vs. my other arrows.  I practice during the year on Big Green Targets. These targets are made in USA (important to me) and made from 100% recycled material.  The Big Green Targets have great stopping ability, easy arrow removal and can withstand a ton of shots.

Last but not least is my ability to manage my scent.  I do this several ways by using Lethal Scent Elimination Field Spray, Shampoo, and Detergent.  The science behind Lethal products is better than most in the industry.  The parent company of Lethal is a scent and odor eliminating company.  They do it better than anyone.  Finally, I will hunt out of Redneck Hunting Blind.  While I do hunt out of a treestand I do love to muzzle loader and even bowhunt out of Redneck Blind because of their ability to control your scent due to the construction of the blind.  There is a ton of room for myself and cameraman with a variety of shooting windows and windows to view  360 degree.

I will be using these products and others next year and hope you find this recap of my 2011 season helpful.  Having the best gear is vital to helping me be a successful hunter and produce my TV show and take care of my family.  What is the end result we are all working towards?  For me it is enjoying the outdoors and doing my best to harvest Monster animals.  This year I was fortunate to be able to harvest a Monster Mule Deer that nearly scored over 2oo inches and this Monster 171 inch Whitetail in Missouri.  So, you can imagine I want to use the best to help me accomplish this!  I love to try new archery hunting equipment and and new Bowhunting Supplies to help me get the job done.  When all else fails my Under Armour Gear is always there to help me stay in the woods longer and hunt harder.  The last thing I want to worry about is being comfortable in the woods.  I am an active hunter and need clothing and boots that can keep up with the way I hunt.  UA gear is unlike anything I have ever used and that is why I used it for every scenario I am going to be in.  Good Luck and God Bless!




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