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This Georgia property is ~ 30 acres of plantable land with 20 acres of horse and cattle pasture.  Surrounding this property is contiguous woods with suburban areas that stretch over several square mile and few hundred acres of woods.  There are great genetics within the deer population but limited high quality year round food sources.  Our goal is to:

  1. Establish year round bedding areas adjacent to existing woods to keep deer closer to food sources for greater chance of seeing during daylight hours.  Additionally, these bedding areas will help to pull in deer from other areas  with greater likelihood of them staying near food based on cover.
  2. Provide deer with a variety of food sources with key focus on standing corn from an attraction effect
  3. Locate food sources in areas that will allow for wind and minimal entry/exit to stand to ensure  as little of pressure as possible.

We started hunting this farm last year and did some things food plot related that did not prove to be successful.  We want to share some lesson’s learned and walk you through our plan to do it differently this year.  Our game plan last year was to provide Deer with 5 acres of rye grass & clover that was adjacent to surrounding woods and to shoot only 4 year old plus deer.  Our outcome of 2011 was our #1 Shooter buck was killed by car crossing the road less than mile away going to standing corn (less than ¼ of acre of corn) and we did pass on number of (2) year olds only seen in hard words in October eating acorns with hopes of them being monsters in two years.

 We had a number of  Lesson’s Learned from last year that we wanted to start with….

  1. Deer did not like the rye grass
  2. Need to provide a variety of food sources
  3. Took too much bedding area for food vs. better balance of food and cover
  4. Deer were not bedding next to food plots.  Traveling in from other more dense woods/bedding…

Some of these things we would not have anticipated and others possibly if we would have known the property more.  The key in our opinion is to continue to learn even if you think you have it figured out.  We work on the mind set of 1) Food, 2)Cover, 3) Water, and 4) Hunting Pressure.  If any of these are out of sorts then you may not be fully maximizing your management program.  We did well on a few of these but poorly on cover and varieties of food for deer.  With that said what are we going to do different in 2012?

2012 Game Plan

  1. Plant 60% of the area in bedding / cover
  2. Plant 40% of area in variety of food sources
    1. Standing Corn
    2. Biologic Clover
    3. Biologic Lab Lab / Iron Clay Peas (Summer)
    4. Biologic Fall Blends
    5. Concentrate food sources in strategic areas that allows for minimal disturbance to get to  & exit stand
    6. Increase area we can plant food and bedding / cover by using electric fence to keep horses and cattle out of these new areas.  This was not hard to do it was a matter of taking the time to do it and know how to set it up.  We increased our bedding areas next to food by 50% by adding this fence.
    7. Add mineral sites


Food Plot Seeds/Food Sources

  1. Standing Corn
  2. Biologic Whistle Back for bedding cover
  3. Milo for cover & transition zones
  4. Biologic Lab Lab
  5. Rax Mineral
  6. Biologic Clover
  7. Iron Clay Peas



  1. Small Farm Tractor
  2. All Purpose Plow
  3. Disc
  4. Homemade Drag
  5. Spypoint Game Cameras
  6. Moultrie & Texas Trophy Gravity Feeders
  7. Electric Fence



We are going to share a series of updates with you as we see our food plots grow and establish.  Our goal is to help you improve your property based on our mistakes and learning’s as well as our improvements with the help of the Biologic Team/Resources.


Timeline of Events/Activities

January 2012 – Soil Sample & Weed Kill

March 2012 – Weed Kill

April 2012 – Weed Kill & Lime

May 2012 – Turn Dirt & Plant Corn, Bedding, Lab Lab

June 2012 – Finish Planting & Fertilize, Hang Stands

July 2012 – Monitor  Game Cameras & Finish Hanging Stands

August 2012 – Monitor Game Cameras & Develop Hit List of Bucks

September 2012 – Fertilize right before rain areas right adjacent to stands/hunting locations

October 2012 – Plant Fall Seed Blends & Adjust to Acorns

November 2012 – HUNT

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