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Check out this new broadhead from NAP.  It looks bad to the bone!  Speaking of bone the new edges take cutting to a new level.  This has been a tried and true broadhead for bowhunters for many years. NAP has taken this new Thunderhead Edge to a whole new level.  We have used this broadhead on many occasions in the past two hunting seasons.  For a fixed blade broadhead it flies better than any other fixed blade broadhead I have practiced with or bowhunted with.  In fact last year I shot a great Eastern Turkey with it on Spook Spann’s farm.  It was an awesome turkey hunt that ended with a dead long beard via at Thunderhead edge.  So, if you are looking for a sharp, consistent shooting fixed blade broadhead.  I do not think you will go wrong with this one.

Patented Trophy Tip®
Patented Trophy Tip®
Patented Trophy Tip® point is specifically designed for maximum bone splitting power and unbelieveable durability.
Micro-Grooved Pro Ferrules
Micro-Grooved Pro Ferrules
Micro-grooved Pro ferrules greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power.

Devastating Blade Design

Devastating Blade Design
Straight edges slice hide, flesh and arteries. Serrations saw through bone like a hot knife through butter!

THUNDERHEAD EDGE has all of the features that have made Thunderhead the standard in fixed blade broadheads and more! Exclusive straight/serrated blade technology is devastating on hide & flesh and saws through bone like a hot knife through butter. Offset blades produce gaping exit holes and massive blood trails. Proven design and precision manufacturing deliver tack-driving accuracy. Fully assembled ready to shoot.

100 grain 1-1/8″
  1. Should I align my broadheads up with my vanes?
    A lot of people still do this, but it is an unnecessary step with today’s modern equipment. A Thunderhead will fly just as well by just screwing them onto the insert tightly, no matter where the blades wind up compared to the vanes.
  2. Do the Microgrooves really work?
    Yes! NAP’s patented microgroove ferrules channel the air over the ferrule for better flight. More importantly, they slide thru and penetrate bone much better that standard ferrules. This really does help get better penetration.
  3. Thunderheads and spin testing
    It’s important to get any broadhead you have to spin true. The easiest way to do this with the Thunderhead is to screw the fully assembled head onto the arrow shaft, and tighten using the supplied wrench. Now untighten the head just a little and wait a few seconds. This will let the o-ring on the back of the ferrule regain its shape and help the head spin true. Now slowly retighten the head and you should be good to go!
  4. Resharpened blades VS new ones.
    It’s always best to use new blades when possible. No resharpen techniques will get Thunderhead blades as sharp as new ones. The Thunderhead blade is ground, honed, stropped and polished with three different grind angles which produce the sharpest blades in the industry.

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