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It’s a Spitfire on steroids! The SPITFIRE EDGE has the proven Spitfire features, strength, killing power and accuracy plus more! Exclusive NAP straight/serrated blades are devastating on hide & flesh, and saw through bone like a hot knife through butter. Offset blades produce gapping exit holes and massive blood trails. Proven design and precision manufacturing deliver “out-of-the-box” field-point accuracy.

Hardened Trophy Tip®
Hardened Trophy Tip®
Legendary Trophy Tip® point is specifically designed for maximum bone splitting power and unbelieveable durability.

Micro Grooved Slimline® Ferrule
Micro Grooved Slimline® Ferrule
Patented micro grooved ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period.

100 grain 1-3/4″


  1. Spitfires will open, NO MATTER WHAT
    The design of the Spitfire GUARANTEES that they will open, at any shot angle. Even closed the Spitfire blade is already partially open, so it has to continue to open when the target touches the blades. They WILL slam shut after passing thru a target and hitting the dirt. There will be a little dent in the aluminum ferrule where the back of the blade rests when the head is in the full open position. In the 12 years that this head has been on the market, we have not had a SINGLE failure of the Spitfire not opening.
  2. High Angled Shots are NO PROBLEM with the Spitfire
    A lot has been talked about recently about the angled shot capability of mechanical heads. The Spitfire broadhead handles these types of shots with ease. Blades will ALWAYS deploy properly on high angle shots. Remember, not much beyond a 45 degree angled should be attempted with a bow regardless of whether it’s a fixed blade or mechanical.
  3. It does NOT take much energy to open this head.
    Again, a lot a people talk about how much energy mechanicals need to open. The Spitfire will open with less than a pound of energy. The pressure you feel when you open the head by hand is not the same pressure that occurs when the head is flying fast. This being said, we recommend that anyone shooting ANY of our broadheads, mechanical or fixed blade, have at least 45 pounds of kinetic energy and have excellent arrow flight to get the best chance at a pass thru.
  4. Do the Microgrooves really work?
    Yes! NAP’s patented microgroove ferrules channel the air over the ferrule for better flight. More importantly, they slide thru and penetrate bone much better that standard ferrules
  5. Resharpened blades VS new ones.
    It’s always best to use new blades when possible. No resharpen techniques will get Spitfire blades as sharp as new ones. The Spitfire blade is ground, honed, stropped and polished with three different grind angles which produce the sharpest blades in the industry.

You can purchase the new 2010 Spitfire Edge by clicking here

Good Luck and Remember “You Won’t Get’em if You Don’t Stick’em“©

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