William “Spook” Spann Issues Statement on Wildlife Misdemeanor Conviction

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photo-1I want to announce that after careful consideration and discussion with my family, friends, attorneys, and outdoor industry leaders; I recently accepted a misdemeanor charge for transporting my 2007 harvested deer from Kansas to my home in Tennessee. This violated a federal law passed in 1900 because the federal government cited the deer was harvested with an improper license.

I owned a farm in Kansas and had a lease to purchase agreement on the adjoining farm. But because I had not yet actively participated in the farming practices on the land that I had leased with a contract to purchase (and did purchase), it was said my license wasn’t valid for that piece of property. We aired this hunt on television and DVD. I can assure you, if I thought there was ANYTHING improper about this hunt I would certainly not have aired it on television.

After purchasing property in Kansas in 2007, I was advised by a friend, who is a resident of Kansas, on the license to purchase. While hunting in Kansas in previous years, I was furnished a Landowner License by an outfitter. That license allowed the holder to hunt anywhere he or she had permission. My understanding was that as a landowner, I could

purchase this license over the counter at a local Ampride store. I told the store clerk that I was a non resident landowner and that I wanted to purchase a Landowner License. The store clerk printed the license, had me sign the bottom, and put it in a holder for me. She never said anything about it being a Hunt Your Own Land tag and I had never heard of a Hunt Your own Land tag.

Regardless, I hope this incident will help educate all hunters to research and find out for themselves the laws and regulations of whatever state they choose to hunt. I realize this is an arduous task considering the vastness and complexity of regulations but unfortunately, it has to be done.

The encouragement and support I have received throughout this ordeal has been overwhelming. I want to extend a special thanks firstly to my God, my family and my friends. Also, I want to extend thanks to Hank Parker, Ted Nugent and hundreds of other industry leaders for your encouragement, friendship, and support. I very much appreciate all the Spook Nation fans for all your encouragement as well. My sponsors too have stepped up for me and words cannot express my gratitude. This support along with my faith has kept me strong and uplifted throughout this time. May God bless you all.

Keep settin’ the world on fire!

Spook Spann

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