Under Armour performance shirt & pants for chasing those long beards and early season

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Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

UA-Obsession-1As hunters we can all most likely agree that minimizing your movement in the tree, on the ground, and in a blind are key to having a successful hunt.  Additionally, being comfortable for long periods of time no matter if you are sitting in tree stand or walking up the side of a mountain to get to that animal you are hunting.  Having the right kind of clothing is vital to all of time taking place. Under Armour Clothing has become extremely popular within the hunting world over that past several years with good reason.  Last year Under Armour came out with a Lightweight Performance Shirt and Pants combo that is designed for the turkey hunter.  What I find most effective about the combo is the Shirts feature durable, lightweight 100% polyester rip stop fabric in a loose fit. The Performance Shirt also boasts storage pockets, a mouth call pocket, and a secure zip chest pocket.   If you want to wear a turkey vest you can but if you want to go super light.   You can store virtually all of your calls and equipment within the pockets of the shirt.  This shirt has been built and designed for the Turkey Hunter in mind.   The Performance Pants are built from the same durable material.  They are lightweight 100% polyester rip stop fabric in a loose fit.  I love the side large cargo pockets that allow you to store your friction call and striker on one side and your box calls in the other cargo pocket.  The pocket has been specifically designed to allow the box call to fit and not move around making noise.  There is even a drawstring with these pockets to ensure a “snug” fit preventing from falling out even when you may be crawling on ground to put out a decoy or to get closer to a bird.  The pants also have a cuff draw string to again ensure the most comfortable fit.

When you combine these pants and shirts with the Mossy Oak Obsession Pattern, it is a deadly combination for the turkey hunter no matter if you hunt with a gun or a bow.  The Mossy Oak Obsession UA-Obsession-2pattern is perfect for the Spring and even early season bow hunts in the fall due to the green pattern.  Last year, I was able to accomplish my Turkey Grand Slam with a Bow using this Shirt/Pant combo in the Mossy Oak Obsession Pattern.  The great thing about this pattern is it worked great in Florida, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and even Nebraska.

There are a few additional items I use with this shirt and pant combo and they include the Under Armour Turkey Evolution Face Mask (see picture).  The Evolution Face Mask is lightweight; with super quiet mesh fabric that allows air toUA-Obsession-3 flow through it.  The Face Mask also is designed to allow you to use your mouth call with it is on.  I also have the Under Armour Light Weight Gloves and Alpine Adjustable Cap all in Mossy Obsession to ensure I am completely concealed from head to toe.  At the end of the day minimizing movement and being able to be in the tree, blind or walking long distances for extended periods of time will help you be more successful in the woods.  Having clothing that allows you to do this is key.  The Under Armour Light Weight Performance Shirt, Pants, Gloves, Facemask and Alpine Cap are hard to beat.  Add Mossy Oak’s Obsession Pattern and you have a deadly combination that will surely help you get the job down!

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