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Let’s do some Target talking today.¬† With so many targets to choose from at stores, where do you start?¬† What you see on TV?¬† What is at your local Bass Pro?¬† You can only answer that but here are a few things we think about when it comes to Archery Targets… 1) How durable is the target we are buying? 2) Will it handle our Fast Bows?, 3) Does it have multiple “aiming points”, 4) Is it re-locatable or can I easily move it around based on practice scenarios, and 5) Can I afford it?

I have used¬†Big Green Targets over the past year or so with a lot of success.¬† I am not saying Big Green Targets are the only block style targets that are any good on the market.¬† What I would suggest is that when you combine Performance, Durability, Easy Arrow Removal, and Cost factors together.¬† Big Green Targets are very hard to beat.¬† I recently was able to practice on their new Full Color No-Tear DuraShot Faces.¬† I absolutely love this face because it has the front quarter of a Whitetail Deer with its vitals showcased.¬† This provides me with a realistic “aiming point” and adds more realism to my practice.¬† It also provides us with some fun competition to see who can get more arrows in the kill zones of the deer.

Another feature that I love is I can take these targets to a friend‚Äôs house or your hunting camp to practice vs. having to load up a cumbersome 3-D full size target.¬† I can also slightlyBGT-251c33b6931895.jpg rotate the new Big Green Target with the DuraShot Deer Face for angled or quartering away shots.¬† Again, this is providing some realism and helping me improve my real-world shooting.¬† On the back of the new Big Green Full Color Targets is their traditional face with (5) different aiming points to choose from.¬† The new Big Green Target No-Tear Full Color DuraShot targets come in the Magnum Pro (24″ X 24″ X 13″ 35lbs) that is Field Point only for both compound and crossbows up to 350 fps.¬† The other choice is the Crossbow Pro (24″ X 24″ X 13″ 33lbs) that is rated up to 400 fps for crossbows.

What I have observed from Big Green Targets is they are continually pushing the limits on how their targets are manufactured to ensure they are High Performance targets.¬† This is important to be able keep up with today’s super fast bows and carbon arrows.¬†I also really like the fact they update the faces so we have new aiming points to improve our shooting skills.¬† These new No-Tear Full Color faces are remarkably sharp with crystal clear graphics.¬† Additionally, the faces are designed so that the shooting image locations will help to extend target life.

Okay, you get a really cool target that looks good and has some nice features.  You get home and fire some arrows into it.  Then you are surprised of just how difficult it is to get the arrows out of the target.  Big Green Targets unique design, consisting of recycled foam outer core with recycled fabric inner core, allows for very easy one-handed arrow removal.  Arrow removal can be done with ONE HAND.  Even my 8 -year old son and 11-year old son can easily pull out arrows when we all shoot together with no problem.

Environmentally Friendly Design РEvery Big Green Target features a proprietary design consisting of a 100% recycled heat bonded closed cell foam outer core filled with recycled fabric.  All of the Big Green Targets are made from recycled foam and fabric that is 100% post industrial waste from foam and fabric manufacturers / fabricators in the United States.  Big Green Targets are Made in USA!  To learn more about Big Green Targets go to


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