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By: Forrest Breedlove, DIY Bowhunter

As turkey hunting grows in popularity so does the desire to tag a gobbler with a bow. The most important part of this equation isn’t calling them in range or even getting drawn back but picking the right place to put the arrow.  Shot placement is the single most important component to arrowing a gobbler and is the least practiced. An adult gobbler’s kill zone is about the size of a grapefruit and is very hard to locate when they are twisting around strutting. The adage of “Hit’em high watch’em die, Hit’em low watch’em go” is very true. The perfect shot placement is straight up their legs and slightly above half way up their body. Regardless of which way they happen to be facing this holds true. Though I have killed birds facing straight on to me I no longer take that shot and wait on better shot angle before releasing the arrow.

To drop that bird in his tracks you need to wait on a broadside shot and put the broadhead through both of his hips. Without their legs they can’t get off the ground to fly not to mention a large percentage of their vitals lay directly between their hips.  You practice your mouth calls, practice shooting your bow, so practice picking the right spot to aim at on a bird. When you’re sitting on the couch watching turkey hunting on the tube focus on picking that perfect spot. Video is better than still photos because turkeys never stay still for very long and this is more realistic practice.  The old coach from High School said practice makes perfect so pop in those DVD’s or tune in to turkey hunting on the TV to practice locating that grapefruit between their hips. Once you become as proficient with selecting shot placement as your calling ability you will not falter when the opportunity walks up sporting an eleven inch rope.

To view a perfect broadside shot through both hips view my hunt from Texas the spring of 2009.

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