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By Brian Stephens


Spook Spann is becoming known as one of today’s most successful bowhunters.  He has hunted and harvested big game across World.  His hunting resume is very impressive.  While he has harvested some awesome birds, he has not killed an Osceola with a bow.  Bill and I brought Spook down to Kissimmee, FL to hunt on Bill’s Central Florida property.  Bill hunts 5,000 acres with some great whitetails, hogs and yes Osceola Turkeys.

The first two days Bill and Spook chased a number of big birds.  Bill was on the camera and Spook was on the bow.  In spite of some close encounters they were not able to close the deal.  Although, that first night Spook was able to stick his first Hog.  Spook was jacked up about his first Hog with his PSE Omen and Thunderhead Broadhead.  He made a perfect shot on this hog and it only ran 30 yards and dropped.

The third afternoon it came together.  I grabbed the camera and took Spook to a new honey whole to hunt out of a ground blind.  It was about 45 minutes into the hunt and the Turkeys started to come in.  There were several hens, jakes and one mature gobbler that came in.  One Jake could not stand the hazel creek decoy that Spook had put out.  We got a show from that Turkey that was awesome.  Look for some great footage in the near future of this hunt.  This gobbler finally gave Spook a shoot and he let the arrow fly.  Unfortunately, the first arrow did not hit its mark and Spook missed.  He put in another arrow and the second arrow hit part of the blind.  At this point we are thinking the hunt is over.  This old bird did not know what had happened.  He slipped off into the brush.  Fortunately, for us several of the birds stayed in the area.  We continued to call this bird because we could see him hanging out in the brush.  While Spook was frustrated he stayed positive and focused on bringing that bird back in.  About 30 minutes later he started to come back into the area with several of the hens.  Before we knew it the hens were fired up over the decoy and that gobbler could not stand it.  He was in full strut walking to the decoy.  Once that stud duck got within 15 yards Spook let his arrow go and it thumped that turkey.  That long beard dropped in his tracks.  It was an awesome hunt for both of us.  We got some great footage of these turkey’s and Spook shot his first Osceola Turkey with a Bow.

If you ever have hunted an Osceola you know how tough they can be to hunt.  When you add a bow to the mix the odds of success just got harder.  A few take aways from this hunt were that while it is easy to get frustrated when you miss a shot.  It is important to stay positive because you never know what may happen next.  We did not over react and call too much to these birds after they left.  One thing you will learn if you have not hunted Osceola’s is the fact that they can shut down if you call too much.  Take your time and make a few good calls and be patient.  Many times they will come back in even if they are not vocalizing their presence.

Look for some video footage of this hunt on StickemArchery.com and watch for the future episode on Spook Nation TV coming this summer on the Pursuit channel.

Good Luck and Remember “You Won’t Get’em if You Don’t Stick’em“©

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