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The Drop Away Arrow Rest is designed to drop out of the way, and eliminate concerns about fletching clearance.  When you are at full draw, a Drop Away Arrow Rest holds the arrow firmly up into position, but when the bow fires – the Drop Away Rest moves completely down and out of the path of the arrow.  This allows even the largest helical fletchings to pass by the arrow shelf without any contact.  Most Drop Away Arrow Rests such as the QAD Bone Collector HD, Midatlantic TriVan and NAP Apache rests below have large notches or prongs that cradle arrows much better than Shoot-Thru rests, so there’s less chance your arrow will fall off a Drop Away Rest.  So theoretically, the Drop Away Rest gives you the best of both worlds.

There are several different styles of Drop Away Arrow Rests.  The Rests that are activated by the movement of the bow’s cable slide or buss cable, a few models are actuated by the bow’s forward inertia at the shot.   Many models also offer micro-adjustability and vibration dampening features too.  The Drop Away Rests of today are very effective and have made significant improvements in arrow flight and accuracy.

It is vital that the Drop Away Rest must remain up and in-place until the arrow has a chance to gain some speed and establish it’s trajectory, but it must fall completely out of the way before the fletching arrives at the rest.  Getting the timing right is very important.  If the rest falls too early, the arrow flight is erratic and tuning is impossible.  If the rest falls too late, you get major fletching contact.  The faster your bow is, the less the margin of error you’ll have available to get things to happen in just the right rhythm.

For those bowhunters who shoot large fixed-blade broadheads, which can be troublesome to stabilize, the Drop Away is a big advantage – as it permits the use of large helical fletchings when all is functioning properly.  Since most Drop Away rests create less friction between the arrow and the arrow rest, you can count on gaining a few extra FPS for your trouble too.  We have been big fans of the Drop Away Arrow Rests for the past several years.  We have used all of the rests below with very positive results.  If you are looking to upgrade your bow set up adding a Drop Away Arrow Rest can made a big improvement.

NAP Apache Archery Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Design Bone Collector Arrow Rest

Midatlantic TriVan Arrow Rest

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