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Voted as 2011 “Fan Favorite Hunting Show” on Pursuit Channel


William “Spook” Spann was born on Halloween which is how he got the name “Spook”. He was raised in Tennessee and grew up as a fifth generation in the sawmill and timber business. After 30 years of watching his Father and Grandfather improve and develop properties for others, Spook has spent the last 15 years practicing what he has learned through the family business. By following his passion for the outdoors, Spook has built a business of buying, selling and improving property. His extensive knowledge of wildlife habitat and management has come not only from the forty years experience with his family, but with a close friend at his side, nationally known biologist, Grant Woods.

Spook’s success in the whitetail world has been phenomenal. To date, he has harvested 21 Pope & Young whitetails and 7 Boone & Crockett whitetails.  He has harvested over 20 different big game animals around the world. Completing the grand slam of North American wild sheep and harvesting Pope and Young moose, elk, mule deer and bear and successfully harvesting many Boone and Crockett mule deer, desert sheep, marco polo sheep and black bear. Another great success for Spook came in 2008 when making the cover of Realtree’s Monster Bucks 16 DVD series and television show that aired in the fall of 2008. Spook was also featured on the cover of North American Whitetail Magazine. Both of these are two of the highest accomplishments in the whitetail hunting world.

Athletics is another passion for Spook. During high school he played football, baseball and basketball and received a basketball scholarship to Bethel College. Spook’s passion for basketball is almost as large as his passion for trophy whitetail. He plays in aleague made up of many ex college and NBA players. This is one of the reasons Spook is in such incredible physical condition. He has a wonderful Christian family; Marty, wife of 23 years, Cassandra, daughter ,15, and Coleman, son, 13. Like his father, Coleman is an avid outdoorsman and basketball player. Spook’s love and passion for the outdoors and his family go hand in hand with everything that he represents and wants to accomplish in the outdoor and hunting community.  To learn more about Spook visit Spook’s Corner or go directly to his website spookspann.com.  Spook Spann is also the official spokes person for www.StickemArchery.com one of the fastest growing Archery and Bowhunting websites on the internet.


Spook Nation Farms is focused on finding you the perfect property that meets your needs both as a recreational user and as a land investor.  Beyond that, our passion is deeply rooted in the art of growing and holding mature bucks in a variety of environments.  We work closely with all of our clients to produce the highest quality of wildlife possible on their specific tract.

My goal is to help you with all the necessary components required to allow your hunting property to reach it’s maximum performance level with advanced nutritional gains and a complete, comprehensive system of habitat components tailored to the species that is most important to you!

In addition to offering full habitat services with your purchase, we also work with clients to perform individual specific projects such as…

  • Perennial and Annual Food Plots
  • Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)
  • Strategic Bedding Enhancements
  • Native Grass Establishment
  • Trail Establishment
  • Pond and Waterhole Construction
  • Stand Placement and Tower Blind Construction

Understanding specialized habitats from mature whitetail environments to waterfowl and a variety of upland game species is what separates Spook Nation Farms from other companies who are focused on other goals or will sell you any property.  We are the only true full service land sales and habitat management company  focused on our clients property performance and their wildlife goals.  My livelihood depends on shooting big deer.  I have to find property that will allow me to grow monster deer.  These are the same properties you can buy for hunting.  So whether you are looking to buy your first piece of land, the ultimate sporting property, give me a call and I will help you realize your dream of owning your own hunting property!


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